Top Tips for Choosing Perfect Personalised Stationery

Have you ever wondered how to choose the perfect personalised stationery?  It can be used for such a wide variety of occasions and reasons, that when making your choice, you must first and foremost consider why you need it. Once you know this, then picking your style becomes easier.

Engraved At Home Invitation Cards

Personalised Stationery for Formal Occasions

Whether a wedding, christening, or party invitations, your choice of personalised stationery is a chance to make a statement about your own taste and style. It involves some important decisions and what you choose can say as much about you, as what's written on, or inside.

  • Firstly, let’s think about colour. Most people lean towards the traditional – buff, white or pale blue.  There's a reason for this.  They are classic options - for good reason. It's because they work across the widest possible circumstances and never go out of style.
  • The second choice to make regards paper stock. A rule of thumb is that the thicker the paper, the more luxurious it is and the more it conveys a sense of formality.  When it comes to texture, there are two choices.  Most people opt for smooth paper, as it's easier to write on and looks clean and professional, with fine letter detail standing out.  However, a textured finish is ideal if you want something that doesn't look too 'perfect'.  This can look great for wedding invitations where the 'rougher' feel can help embossed lettering stand out more, as it creates the illusion of increased depth.
  • Which brings us to the printing element of the personalisation. Again, this depends on taste and budget. The least expensive option is straightforward digital printing, which is flat, followed by the more luxurious raised, thermographic (heat treated) printing and finally, the ultimate in luxury personalised stationery: engraved stationery.  This is usually done by hand, by an experienced engraver.  The choice, as always, is yours. 
  • As for fonts, there are so many to choose from, it can seem a little overwhelming. So here is a brief overview of two popular types: 

Serifs: these are usually considered more classic, formal and elegant.  They give the impression of something older; trustworthy. Think Time, Vogue, Gucci and Tiffany & Co

Sans serif: There are no flourishes with these fonts.  They are considered more minimal, clean, modern and easy to read.  Think Google, Spotify and Prada.

  • Finally, don’t forget the envelopes. Choose good quality ones and make sure they match your paper.  It would be such as shame to receive a beautiful invitation, only for the envelope to look ordinary and cheap!

Personalised Stationery for Business

A successful business will want stationery that echoes its achievements, ethos and personality; one which says to the world, you can rely on my judgement.  High quality stationery does just this. 

Here is a simple checklist to think about when choosing yours:

Your stationery must reflect your brand - fully embodying its corporate aesthetic, such as logo, fonts and colours. Remember, your stationery is a representation of your brand identity, so well-designed, good quality paper and letterheads matter.  Attractive stationery makes a lasting first impression on clients.

Don't forget…

When choosing your personalised stationary please keep in mind the quality.  It might seem shallow, but first impressions matter!  Low quality paper reflects poorly on the sender.  It looks cheap and doesn't last.  Good quality paper however, looks smart, is durable and creates an instantly favourable impression. 

Personalised stationery set

Personalised Stationery for Home

When it comes to personalised stationery sets, for writing letters from home, make sure to choose something that reflects your own unique personality!  Yes, there's paper quality and texture to take in to account, but just as important is deciding your favourite colour, pattern and style. 

From something bright and cheery to lighten a mood, to something more gothic and atmospheric, all that matters is that you follow your own vision. After all, having your own personalised letter writing paper and notecards is about appealing to your own artistic nature.  The trick is to pick something that says what you want it to say about you!

If We Only Had One Tip To Give:

Whatever personalised stationery you need, if we were only allowed to give one piece of advice, it's never compromise on the quality of the paper.  That's because, you get what you pay for.  Good quality paper looks amazing, feels fabulous and any ink you use for writing won't bleed, smudge or show through the other side.  It is worth the investment. 

We hope this gives you a better idea about what to consider when it comes to choosing your perfect personalised stationery.

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