Each of our wedding sets contains almost all the items of stationery that you might need for your wedding, gathered in one place. Each item within a set also shares common characteristics with the other items within the set. Not only does this facilitate ordering your wedding stationery it also ensures that a cohesive look is achieved, simply by ordering any two or more items from the same set.

Traditionally, wedding invitations evolved as folded cards that would be proudly displayed on the mantelpiece for all to see, but more recently a trend has emerged for single cards. Our Holkham embossed wedding invitations and classic save the date embrace that trend but deliver a striking, elegant evocation of it, since we have used a smooth, white card of superior thickness. At 750gsm this card is both luxurious and truly substantial and bears the signature element of the set, your intertwined initials beautifully engraved in stunning burnished gold or silver at the head of the card and it is worth pointing out that they are gold edged invitation cards. It is these initials which permeate the rest of the set and, together with the smooth white card in various thicknesses, provide the cohesive and coherent look to all the items in the Holkham set. On occasions though, such as on the wedding Information card, the initials might be flat printed rather than engraved.

Can we use a different device, rather than initials?

Should you possess a coat of arms, cipher or device that you would prefer to use, we would be happy to substitute it where appropriate. Please send us you file so that we can assess its suitability.

Can I have an item without the initials?

If you feel that initials would not be appropriate for every item that you wish to order, or you would prefer that they are printed using the same colour and print process as the text, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

I am in a hurry. How long will my wedding stationery take to produce ?

We first prepare a setting proof which we submit for your review and make any changes that you request. Once all changes have been made and you approve the proof for production you can expect the production cycle to take approximately ten working days. On completion you may collect your stationery from our premises in Chelsea or ask us to send it to you. We can use same-day couriers for clients living in Central London, overnight carriers for most other parts of the UK and international carriers for the rest of the world, in which case, subject to your location, you can usually expect delivery in anything from one to three working days. 

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