9 Ways to make your Rustic Wedding Invitations stand out

Rustic wedding invitations are becoming increasingly popular, as more couples choose a natural, earthy theme for their big day. The stationery designs chosen typically include organic items such as textiles, flowers and plants – or imagery of these objects.

Pemberly Fox's Kenwood wedding invitation, showing letterpress text in brown on a cotton card

Rustic weddings can also have a sense of history to them because they often include elements from the past, to create that vintage feeling.

If a rustic, or vintage themed wedding is planned, then this style can be replicated across every facet of the big day: from the clothes worn by guests, to the food served at the reception table. And, of course sending out rustic themed or vintage wedding cards is a great way to set the tone for the big day and give guests a little taste of what they’ll experience on the special day!

Adopting this style doesn’t mean opting for cheaper looking stationery design.  Luxury rustic wedding invitations are hugely popular with brides and grooms who love nature; or who feel that getting married should be a celebration of life and all that it has to offer, rather than just a glamorous party that’s, more often than not, staged indoors.

Popular rustic wedding stationery styles:

Are there popular themes for this style of wedding invitation?  In a word, yes!  More often than not they feature natural images and graphics such as flowers and plants, and they tend to use traditional fonts, rather than ornate or modern options. Other common elements in rustic wedding invitations include embellishments added to the card itself.

As for colours, seasonal ones are generally preferred: think warm hues such as burnt oranges for an Autumn wedding celebration and autumn wedding invitations.  Bright yellows work well for a Summer inspired celebration, greens look wonderful used on rustic Spring wedding invitations and blues add a touch of classy cool, for a winter wedding.  Most opt for colours that evoke feelings of nature and the outdoors. 

The Willow rustic spring wedding invitation, letterpress in green onto a handmade folded card

Make your invitation cards stand out:

When it comes to rustic wedding invitations, there are many things you can do to make them unique and memorable. Here are nine ways to make your invitations stand out:

  1. Use a different colour palette than what is typically seen in rustic wedding invitations, for example, silver, golds, burgundies, purples and browns. You might even wish to mix together different shades within the same colour family, to create a unique effect.
  2. Try a different paper type, such as textured paper or metallic paper, for that instant wow factor
  3. Embellish the invitations with lace, ribbon, or other naturalistic details.
  4. Use an eye-catching font, such a calligraphic one, for the text on the invitations
  5. Include images and graphics that are inspired by nature, but are more modern in their interpretation – think Mark Rothko, rather than Monet!
  6. Create a unique invitation shape, such as a scroll or an envelope. You may even wish to make a round globe shape, or maybe a tree.
  7. Add a personalised touch, with a handwritten element.
  8. Make use of die-cuts and other special printing effects, for that luxurious finishing touch.
  9. Use twine, or other natural materials to tie together your invitation suite.
Rustic wedding invitation packs are fashionable right now because they embody a sense of simplicity and naturalness that many couples strive for on their big day. They also have a vintage feel to them, which is appealing to those who want to celebrate their love story in an old-fashioned way. However, your ideal rustic wedding invitation looks – we suggest adding your own unique twist, to make it even more memorable.

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