In creating a set, we have gathered together all the most popular items of stationery that you might need for your wedding under one banner and arranged them into suites which share common characteristics or design features. In so doing, we aim to facilitate the selection process for you whilst at the same time ensuring that you can create a cohesive look to your wedding stationery with relative ease, simply by ordering anything that you need from the same set.

The Mayfair set is no exception and any item offered under the Mayfair banner will always be printed onto a crisp white card in one of the four vibrant ink colours that we have made available to you for this design. These ink colours have been specially selected to enliven your wedding stationery since in combination with the white board they each deliver a refreshing twist that adds real personality, especially when they are combined with contrasting black edges, as in the case of the invitation card. For each ink colour there are matching striped envelope liners offered as standard.

No matter which item you choose from the Mayfair set, each gives you the opportunity to be a little playful and add a splash of colour since everything from the double sided Reply Card to the Order of Service is printed in the vibrant ink colour that you will have selected.

I don’t need reply cards so do in have to order these with my invitation?

Each set is really a loose grouping of items and for this reason each item can be ordered individually and in isolation. So, if you don’t need reply cards to accompany your invitation, that is absolutely fine, since you can simply order your invitation cards in complete isolation from any other item in the set. In short, you need only order what you want at the time that you want it.

My colour theme is dark blue. Can you print in that colour for me?

Whilst it is not possible to order any item from the Mayfair set online if it is not to be printed in one of the four vibrant ink colours that we have selected, we recognise that you might have decided upon a different colour theme for your wedding. Should this be the case, then please contact us by telephone or email stating the colour you would like so that we may consider your options together.

What happens when my order is ready?

On completion we will advise you that your job is ready. You may choose to collect in person from our premises in Chelsea or we can arrange for it to be shipped to you, if that is more convenient. We use the services of same day couriers for deliveries within Central London and overnight carriers for the rest of the UK. For clients living abroad we use the well-known international carriers whose delivery schedules will apply and depend upon to your location.

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