The Table plan or table seating plan is a pictorial representation of the room or area where your guests will be seated for dining and acts as point of reference and an aid to them finding their allocated seat. Most room layouts will use either table name cards or personalised table number cards which will allow your guests to find their table and once at the table their seat will be indicated by either a plain or personalised wedding name place cards. In the event that you are looking for something a little less obvious than a table plan then we would suggest a wedding escort card and envelopes, which will have the guest's name written on the envelope and their designated table on the card held inside

What should be included in the wedding seating plan?

We are able to assist you with of table plan ideas for your wedding day but a simple representation of the room is best, showing entry/exit points and features that will assist the viewer with orientation, such as a stage, a bar area or a dance floor. In addition to your table plan design, the Top Table and guest tables, represented by circles or rectangles according to their actual shape, should be included and these should be numbered or named. The names of the guests should be displayed too, either in the form of a list that can be shown either table by table or alphabetically, or by placing the names within or adjacent to the representation of their table on the plan.

How big should the table plan cards be and how should I display it?

It is a mistake to make your wedding table seating plan too small so we offer A2 (the equivalent of four pieces of A4 paper arranged in two rows) and A1 (the equivalent of 8 pieces of A4 paper in a double row of four) which we feel are best suited to most wedding venues. The table plan is printed on a large format printer onto poster paper and can be mounted onto coloured card, onto foam board or supplied rolled so that you can mount it yourself or display it in a large decorative frame. Foam board backed we find is the most popular and due to its light weight, it can be propped on a suitable surface, wall hung or displayed on an easel, which the venue or your caterer will often have available or will hire for you.

How late can I leave it for my table plan printing and can you get it to me?

Please provide us with the provisional list of your guest’s names and the room layout at least a week before you wish to take delivery so that a proof can be prepared in good time. Whilst we understand a reluctance to go to print too early, once you have given approval for printing the table plan will usually be available for collection or despatch by the end of the following day, so please do not delay sign off for too long. We do not recommend international transportation for plans that have been mounted, as these are highly susceptible to damage in transit, and would instead advise that you order a rolled plan which you can mount or frame locally. For mounted table plans shipping within the UK by overnight carrier, we use a dedicated double wall carton to provide protection in transit.

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