Whether you are an avid story teller, chronicler of life, host of the most fabulous events or simply a lover of fine things, Pemberly Fox can enrich your life with its beautiful stationery.
The team at Pemberly Fox are passionate about both craftsmanship and quality and we believe, unlike other online platforms, that when it comes to stationery you should never have to do our job for us.
Choose from our ready-to-write collection to enjoy our designs without personalisation or simply provide us with your own copy and we will prepare all the artwork for you. You will then receive a proof from us by email and when you are completely happy we will create some lovely stationery for you. With Pemberly Fox it really is that simple. You are not left to configure your own order or struggle with typesetting so you can simply relax in the knowledge that you are in experienced hands.


Are you one of those people that simply loves stationery? We all are. Whether it is the tissue lining in your envelope or the ribbon on your birth announcement or wedding invitation, there is something magical about good stationery and we share that passion. To take a piece of beautifully engraved writing paper and sit down to compose a letter to a loved one or to record one’s thoughts for posterity, brings with it a real sense of enjoyment as you take time out from a busy schedule to craft your thoughts.
Stationery can have such a tactile quality too. The pleasure of writing a thank you note on a piece of lovingly designed and beautifully crafted card will always outweigh the sending of a text or an email and bring enjoyment to sender and recipient alike.
The letters, cards and notelets that we send today are the keepsakes of tomorrow. They provide a record of our lives and our thoughts, mementos of our own past for future generations, just like Granny’s letters and photos were for us.
With creative design and a passion for quality at the heart of everything we do, we aim to produce personal, social and wedding stationery that resonates with people the world over. Our craft, embracing both traditional and modern technologies, is pre-eminent in our approach and when combined with our passion for sharing life it influences everything that we do. We hope that it shows in the quality of our product and brings you as much enjoyment as it brought us in creating it for you.


Beautiful stationery resonates with people the world over and has a more or less universal appeal. Whilst cultural differences and personal taste will mean that not every design is liked by everyone, beautifully crafted items of quality will always appeal to the discerning and that is what we seek to produce.
A love for our craft developed over many years, puts creativity at the heart of everything that we do, strengthening our passion for stationery as a medium by which we can ‘share life’. Using techniques first developed by Gutenberg in 15th century Germany and Caxton in 15th century England, our craftsmanship is timeless and has been recently enhanced by rapid advances, first in digital imagery and then in digital printing. Your stationery will be produced by a variety of printing techniques ranging from traditional engraving to modern digital technologies, with each process or printing technique chosen for its suitability for the design.



Anthony comes from a family immersed in the stationery industry, although he didn’t enter the family business straight away. Hospitality was Anthony’s original career choice and this saw him managing a variety of establishments across the globe from Geneva to Sydney. It gave him valuable insight and experience of the wedding, hotel and catering industries, to name just a few. However, the siren call of The Wren Press was too much to resist and in 2007 Anthony joined the family firm, before joining up with Michael in 2011 to set up Pemberly Fox in the UK. Anthony loves a challenge and realised quickly that the world of e-commerce and stationery were a natural fit. Pemberly Fox is his brainchild and with its inception he made it his mission to create a brand that embraces the wonders of new technology to take stationery into the future, without sacrificing the know-how and skills of the past.


When it comes to stationery, there is not much that Michael doesn’t know! But then again, it’s in his blood: he’s lived and breathed the industry since, well…he took his first breath. Michael’s parents owned and ran the prestigious Aubrey Harris Ltd – the holder of three Royal Warrants - and when the family business was acquired by the then owners of Smythson of Bond Street, two of its Warrants were transferred to Smythson, along with Michael himself. A 12-year stint saw Michael managing the Royal Household account before being headhunted in 1996 by luxury stationer, The Wren Press, where he first met Anthony and where he was awarded two Royal Warrants in his own right. In 2011 Michael and Anthony set up their own, unique, online stationery brand: Pemberly Fox. In the fierce heat of the printing and stationery industry Michael is a cool head on calm shoulders. Whatever your bespoke stationery needs, he will deliver them in a completely unflappable manner.