The Albermarle visiting card shows off dark green text on  a light green card and finished matching green border.

Albermarle Visiting Cards

From £140.00 GBP
The Albermarle writing paper shows off dark green text on a light green card and finished matching green border.

Albermarle Writing Paper

From £170.00 GBP
Bellevue visting cards shown on a Fuchsia pink card and printed in white ink with a keyline border

Bellevue Visiting Cards

From £150.00 GBP
Bellevue Writing paper, shown with white ink printed onto a Fuchsia Pink writing sheet

Bellevue Writing Paper

From £180.00 GBP
The Bond correspondence card shows dark blue printing onto a light blue card and is our most popular colour combination.

Bond Correspondence Cards

From £170.00 GBP
The Bond visiting card uses a contrasting dark blue text printed onto a light blue card with a matching blue border.

Bond Visiting Cards

From £140.00 GBP
The Bond writing paper shows your personalised text printed in dark blue onto a light blue sheet with a matching border.

Bond Writing Paper

From £170.00 GBP
A bold red card provides the perfect backdrop for this contemporary design

Bronte Visiting Cards

From £150.00 GBP
Bronte writing paper displays a contemporary monogram at the head and details at the foot, printed in white ink onto a bright red sheet

Bronte Writing Paper

From £180.00 GBP
A classic layout on this new blue card with your name centres and address at foot in white ink

Clovelly Visiting Cards

From £150.00 GBP
An elegant writing paper design printed in white ink onto a new blue sheet

Clovelly Writing Paper

From £180.00 GBP
Softly pink textured card with striking and contrasting ink colours. The Cromwell visiting cards are stylish and subtle.

Cromwell Visiting Cards

From £140.00 GBP
Grass green printed Monogram at the head and contact details at the foot of your Cromwell writing paper.

Cromwell Writing Paper

From £170.00 GBP

Personalised stationery sets
Pemberly Fox

Personalised writing paper, correspondence cards and visiting cards form the mainstay of our personal stationery collections and, whilst each can be purchased individually, we recognise that you may well have a requirement for more than one, and quite possibly for all three. In order to help you find companion items more easily we have grouped some of our designs into personalised stationery sets.

Each item within a set shares characteristics with the other two, ensuring that you can easily achieve a degree of consistency across all your personal stationery when ordering more than one item. The key to this consistency is to choose writing paper, correspondence cards or visiting cards that share a common design name.

Must I order all three items from a set when I really want just the one?

Certainly not, since the set is merely a loose grouping that aims to assist you in achieving a coherent look to your personalised stationery and you are free to order each item in isolation at any time. Should you subsequently require one of the other items from a set, such as some new cards to complement your existing writing paper, then returning to the same product name should facilitate the process. If you ordered Petersham writing paper from us initially or were lucky enough to receive it as a gift, then the Petersham design family is the place to start when commissioning your cards.

I would like to order two items from a set. What procedure should I follow?

The process is a simple one and is shared by all the items that we offer with personalised details. Start by selecting the design that either matches perfectly or is closest to whatever you would like us to manufacture for you, then follow the simple order process that will prompt you at every stage. Once you have made any decisions regarding font, ink colour or possible materials, as required by the parameters of each design, you will be asked to provide us with the information that you would like us to print. Once done, you will be ready to proceed to cart and should add the first item to your shopping basket before pressing the ‘continue shopping button’ to move on to your second item.

Find your second item by searching for it using the design name that is shares with the first, then simply complete the same ordering process, ‘add to basket’ and ‘checkout’ in the normal way with both items in your basket.

In this way you will have successfully ordered two items from the same set, but to reassure you further, should we notice any irregularities in your two orders we will certainly raise these with you to confirm your wishes and, as will all our stationery and invitations, you will be sent a proof of each item to check and approve before we proceed with production.

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