Pemberly Fox offers a fully bespoke service from it's London office in Chelsea. Personalised Stationery is a generic term used to denote a broad spectrum of paper based materials that we use to communicate with one another. The term can be subdivided further into a number of categories of which the three most significant are probably personal stationery, corporate or business stationery and Invitations for all occasions.

For us at Pemberly Fox, we tend to think of ‘personal stationery’ as comprising personalised writing paper, personalised correspondence cards and personalised visiting cards, by which we mean printed with a name, address or other details which make it personal to you. Consequently, we have a section for each of these product types in which all designs are offered awaiting personalisation. In addition, we also have a section for plain writing paper, plain correspondence cards and plain envelopes too, all of which can be purchased unprinted.

Whilst ‘Personal stationery’ is primarily concerned with corresponding either by letter or by card, ‘Social stationery’ is more usually associated with the issuance of an invitation or the making of an announcement and these categories contain only items that have been printed with your specific invitation or announcement text. We include amongst these party and event invitations, (at Home cards) birth announcements (and also change of address cards).

What if I don’t see what I am looking for amongst the selection of personalised stationery?

We have gathered together a range of designs that we hope will appeal to you, but since there are many permutations that we cannot show, we are very happy to discuss your individual requirements with you.

I would like to have my embossed stationery and I have my own die, can you use it?

We are very happy to die stamp stationery for you using your own die or plate, should you possess one. All details on the die would need to be current, as we are unable to make alterations for you, and the die or plate would necessarily be subject to inspection to assess its condition and suitability. Please contact us by telephone or email before sending your die or plate to us.

Is it possible to have a personalised stationery set?

As you review the designs in each category you may well notice that there are correspondence card designs, personalised writing paper designs and visiting card designs which share the same product name. Those products that share a name also share design similarities so by choosing a visiting card, a correspondence card and a writing paper that share the same name it is possible to create a matching personalised stationary set. Where a product does not have a similarly named equivalent in another product category we would be delighted to create one for you.

Do you offer personalised and printed envelopes?

We would be delighted to print your address on the flap of an envelope for you. You can order this product by clicking personalised envelopes in the main drop-down menu or by clicking on the prompt button labelled “Matching Products” which will appear when you review your basket prior to checkout and then following the order process.

How long do your printing services take?

This depends on the type of print process you are commissioning on our traditional presses. For engraved stationery, we would recommend you allow up to ten working days from the day you sign off on your proof but this can sometimes stretch to a few more days depending on the complexity of the engraving process, for example If we are printing in more than one colour or if we are hand engraving a particularly complex and detailed image. In the event that you have chosen a less complicated printing process then we would recommend a 7 working day time lapse between signing off of the proof and completion of your stationery.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we use either FedEx or DPD for all overseas shipping, which usually takes between 1-3 working days to arrive. All shipments within in the UK are sent by DHL on an overnight service and they do require a signature.

Stationery or Stationary?

Good question, in short the collections of products you see on this page are grouped as stationery with an E. Stationary with an A is when you are stuck in a traffic jam and are not moving.