What do we understand by a formal invitation?

A formal invitation is most easily distinguished from an informal invitation in its purest sense by a difference in tone, but the two might also be just as easily distinguished from each other by differences in their inherent style and the way in which they present.

A formal invitation is expected to follow a dignified style, form or tone that adheres to certain established norms, customs or values that have collectively become known as ‘correct form’. This often means that a formal invitation will use the third person, rather than the first, and will include the full names of the hosts, whereas an informal invitation might well be written in the first person.

When should I use a formal invitation rather than party invitations?

To avoid looking pretentious or causing confusion, invitations should always reflect the comparative formality or informality of the occasion as they sign post very effectively the style of the event and set expectations accordingly. For formal private functions such as luncheons or dinner parties a formally worded invitation is appropriate, whereas for all other parties, such as garden parties, receptions, dinner and drinks parties, our at Home invitation cards can be used.

For informal private functions the correct form is much more relaxed and can be reflected in the tone and also the style of the invitation.

Do you offer different types of formal invite?

We are able to offer a fully bespoke service offline whilst offering you a good selection of invitations online. These include invitation cards that can be personalised to a certain degree with your own details and others that are ready-to-write and are available part-printed for you to hand write the remainder.

I would like a different size of card? Can you still help?

If you cannot find the card that precisely matches what you are looking for, we will most likely still be able to help. Whether you are simply looking for a different size of card or want your card to be printed in an ink colour not offered in our online selection, please either telephone or email us with your requirements and we will respond to you as quickly as we can.

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