Life’s momentous occasions deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated and the birth of a baby must surely rank amongst the most momentous occasions in any parent’s life. Hopefully the arrival of a new-born brings with it great joy and with that joy usually comes a strong urge to share the news with others, so, whether it is a first child or an addition to the family, our natural inclination is to want to let others know and what better way than by sending a lovely birth announcement card.

When should I announce the birth?

There are a number of different ways of informing friends and family about the birth of your baby and never more so than today with the emergence of numerous social media platforms, but the traditional way is either to send a card or to place an announcement in a local or national newspaper, or sometimes both. This is normally done as soon as the child’s name has been chosen, and certainly within a year of the child’s birth, but whilst a newspaper notice can be placed by either proud parents or grandparents, a baby announcement or birth announcement card is traditionally sent to friends and family by the parents.

What information should our birth announcement contain?

Your announcement would typically include your own names, those of your baby, his or her date of birth with possibly the time of birth as well, and quite commonly a place of birth, as well as his or her birth weight. This information is also usually accompanied by an expression of joy or gratitude for a safe delivery. Space permitting you might also choose to include other details too but our own view is that the announcement will usually look best if it is not too crowded.

What types of card can I choose?

Several different types of card are popular today and one of the most admired is a card which includes a photograph. If you choose a photocard or otherwise include an image somewhere on your announcement card, this might well reduce the number of requests from friends and relatives eager for a first glimpse of the new-born, but, if your preference is for a traditional card or a card based around a design , you could always include a photographic print in the envelope along with it. Other popular announcement types mainly comprise those cards which are design based and also those which incorporate a suitable motif, not forgetting that there are still many couples who opt for a traditional card that will often include a decorative hand-tied ribbon or a smaller slip card affixed to the main card by a ribbon. We have a number of ribbon shades available so your choice need not be limited to traditional baby blue or baby pink and, equally, if you wish to match the colour of the text to the colour of the ribbon, a close match is usually achievable. We are also able to offer you a choice of tissue colours should you want the accompanying envelopes lined in tissue too.

Whilst we are able to produce all of these different types of card for you, if you do not see the style that are looking for displayed on our site, please email us at or telephone us on 020 7349 7225 and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

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