Just like its near sibling, our table name cards, a table number card serves to identify each table from its neighbours by prominently displaying the number allocated to it so that it is made easier for your guests to find the correct table and their seats at it.

What should I consider when choosing table number cards?

There are two things which we feel are most important when considering your table number card. The first is legibility, whilst the second is aesthetics. The very purpose of the table number card is compromised if the number on the card is not legible, so, whilst this aspect is paramount in your decision, it need not completely outweigh card aesthetics, which are nonetheless secondary to it. Firstly, try to make the card large enough so that it is not overwhelmed by the place settings, stemware and floral arrangements that are to be found on many tables. Then choose a font which is large and prominent on the card. If that font can match the font that you have used throughout your wedding stationery, then that would be preferable, but in some cases the numbers are not as attractive as the letters and you would be better advised to choose an alternative. You can still preserve the general look by using the same colour of card and the same ink colour as the rest of your wedding stationery and this will help to tie everything together to ensure legibility without compromising on aesthetics.

How should I display the wedding table number cards?

Cards can be placed on the table itself, in which case they need to be large enough to be visible from a distance, but we think that it is preferable if the card can be raised from the surface of the table. This can be achieved in a number of ways, but is most easily done with the help of a stand which your venue or caterer can most probably source for you. Alternatively, they can look very effective if displayed within a decorative picture frame, although this tends to restrict them to printing on one side only when we would generally recommend that if the dining area has more than one entry/exit such that the card can be seen from more than one side, that the number be printed on both sides of the card whenever possible.

What size are table number cards?

There is no rule of thumb so to speak, but generally you will want to consider that they need to be big enough to allow the number written on them to be seen from the door. All of our off the shelf plain cards are sized A5 but we also have one of our personalised printed cards in a square format which is 200 x 200 mm.

Will they take very long to produce?

We aim to provide you with a preliminary setting proof within one working day and to produce your cards for you within five working days following the day that you approve the proof. We are very happy to despatch your cards to you or for you to collect from our premises in Chelsea if that is more convenient. We use overnight carriers for UK mainland deliveries and International carriers such as FedEx for worldwide deliveries which usually take between 1-3 business days for the more popular destinations but will take a little longer for deliveries to remoter areas.

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