Luxury Wedding Stationery

There are several factors which we feel are important to understand when it comes to trying to define the term luxury stationery. Whilst there is a great deal of truth in the defining factor being the price paid for a product or service, it is also important to understand that skills and methods which were commonplace 150 years ago can now no longer be seen as necessities but actual luxuries, organic food and thatched roofing being classic examples. When it comes to Luxury Stationery we must highlight the fact that any kind of traditional stationery is no longer a necessity, given that we communicate in a completely different manner and through means which did not exist 30 years ago and as such has rendered the necessities of the past into a luxury. Choices are abundant when it comes to luxury stationery, as we are in fact creating a product which is a bespoke item for you; therefore, choices of different paper ranges can add greatly to the price depending on the scarcity of the paper, weights and finishes. Some stationers have their own in-house fonts, originally known as types, which they may want to charge a small premium for. Then of course there is the choice of printing process, which when talking about luxury stationery would always be the engraved or die stamped process; this particular method requires a copper plate to be hand engraved and then stamped into the paper as each sheet is hand fed into the printing press, resulting in a crisp finish and the ink raised off the surface of the card or writing sheet. For a complete set of stationery, you could always create your own bespoke writing paper, correspondence cards and visiting cards and team the former with personalised envelopes to match the cards and sheets. This will allow you to carry a distinctive look and feel throughout the various items and thus deliver a truly unique style and one which can only be described as a set of luxury stationery.

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