A table name card is an essential tool in assisting your guests to find their seats quickly, easily and with the minimum of disruption. Moving large number of people to their designated places is always a challenge and a table name card can facilitate the process considerably. In the event that you have chosen not to give your tables a name then we also have table number cards

What form do the wedding table name cards take?

As the name suggests, this card bears the name of the table on it and serves to identify it and differentiate it from all the other tables in the room. To do this the name should be made as legible as possible so that the card can be seen clearly from a distance and preferably from across the room.

Careful choice of both font and point size will certainly have a bearing on legibility, as will the size of the card itself. Whilst it is usually preferable if the font can be consistent with fonts used in other elements of the wedding stationery, where that choice would reduce legibility we favour practicality over consistency.

How should I display the card?

Table name cards can be positioned on the table surface or can be raised from it by using a dedicated stand. They can also look particularly effective if incorporated into, but raised slightly above, a floral centrepiece. A single card works best if used in conjunction with a dedicated stand whereas a folded card will help enable the card to stand unsupported when positioned on the table surface. If the card is to be seen from all sides then it is a good idea to print the name on both sides too.

How Much time should I allow for when commissioning the Table Name Cards?

This very much depends on the complexity of the cards you would like to have printed or even hand-written. We would highly recommend that you receive your cards at least 5 working days in advance of the wedding day itself for reasons of ticking boxes as well as allowing us to fix a problem if one has arisen. For printed cards, we would ideally like to be able to sign these off with at least ten working days till the event, generally most cards that are printed, use a fairly simple design or even just plain text so these can be produced for you within 3-4 working days of signing off on the proofs. For cards which might be hand-written then we would suggest that you allow for 5 working days, and probably a little more if there is a design which needs to be printed beforehand.

We are looking to have numbers for tables at our wedding, is this something you can provide?

Yes indeed, we have a wide range of off the shelf or printed options so please visit our collection of wedding table number cards

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