The world is constantly evolving bringing with it unprecedented change in many areas. Population demographics, environmental changes and even worldwide pandemics are all shaping the world in which we live and whilst social mores and customs vary from culture to culture and are also constantly evolving, one seeming constant is man’s desire to socialize. Whilst some social gatherings do come about without either pre-planning or formal organisation many cultures the world over have adopted the invitation card as a way of communicating to guests that their presence at a planned gathering or event is sought.

Why should I use an invitation card when I have email?

Of course, the issuing of an invitation can be done in a number of ways whether verbally or in some loose electronic written form such as text or email, but undoubtedly the enduring preferred form is the formal invitation card which confers a sense of occasion that all other forms lack. Mentioned casually either verbally or electronically and your event could easily be dismissed as lacking in importance and very easily forgotten. Send out an invitation card, regardless of its format, and your event suddenly takes on a greater significance in the mind of the invited guest, as does their own invitation to attend it. All of which means that your guests are less likely to decline or worse still fail to attend.

What form should my Party Invitation take?

The form of your invitation is something which can, to some extent, be personal to you. Certain traditions have evolved which will offer you the comfort of an established format that is recognizable to many of your guests, whether that be a traditional folded wedding invitation or the even more traditional at Home party invitations, but that does not mean that your invitation needs to follow these established formats slavishly. By adapting them to your own taste and personality you can imbue your invitation with a flavour of the event that you will be hosting, be that formal, fun or even irreverent. This can be done by introducing elements to your design that might include anything from images or illustrations to unusual lettering styles, interesting colour combinations or even invitations cut into unusual shapes or made from unusual materials. In essence, your invitations can be as formal or as informal as befits the occasion and as elaborate or as simple as your budget and taste permit.

Should I use plain or printed envelopes?

We find that most of our clients like their envelopes to match their invitations in both colour and texture yet envelopes do offer a way of bringing added interest which can be achieved simply by choosing an envelope in a different colour to the invitation. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable choosing colored envelopes you can always add a dash of colour to the inside with a lining paper. We offer some lovely shades of tissue and numerous coloured papers and can even print a bespoke lining especially for you. Alternatively, our printed envelopes, which have your address printed on the flaps, are also increasingly popular making envelopes a useful and sometimes fun way to dress up even the most basic of invitations.