5 Reasons why Handwritten letters are still important

Life in a digital age means daily texts, WhatsApp messages and emails are now the most common form of written communication. However, there is still a place for handwritten notes and letters too and that’s because they are such thoughtful, unique way to communicate – something that makes them more memorable.  So here are 5 reasons why we shouldn’t forget to put pen to paper once in a while.

 1. It’s a more personal way to communicate

Why is a handwritten letter seen as more personal?  In a nutshell it’s because it takes more time and effort to sit down and write a letter on custom stationery, and then mail it – which adds to the feeling of the recipient that they are receiving something special.  Think about it.  You must first select the writing paper, or notecard, you want to use – one that is suitable for the occasion.  Then you need to actively think about the words you wish to write – after all, there is no delete button when it comes to a handwritten note!  The act of writing also takes more time, and thought, than tapping away at a keyboard.  So yes, whilst it may seem like a laborious task, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the feeling of seeing a handwritten envelope come through the letterbox and land on the mat?  It makes you feel special knowing someone has taken the time, trouble and effort to get in touch in the most thoughtful, personal way.

 2. A way to re-live a special moment using personalised stationery

Letters and notes often contain information that cannot be put into words when sending an email or text message – that’s because they provide a medium that encourages the writer to be more contemplative, because writing is something you don’t do in a rush.  It allows us to express feelings in a deeper, more meaningful way.  A personal, handwritten letter is also something that we are likely to save.  There’s something lovely about holding a physical piece of paper in our hands, re-reading it and savouring the sentiment, that’s impossible to do with an email or text message.  It’s why the act of receiving and reading a handwritten letter is often cherished by the recipient more than any other type of communication

personalised notecards from pemberly fox, showing a colourful mandarin card with white printed text and a traditional bordered card

 3. They are great for expressing gratitude

When someone takes the time to send you a gift, or does an act of kindness, then a handwritten note, using personalised notecards, is a more individual way to express your gratitude.  It is a clearer indicator of appreciation because it is a tangible demonstration of your gratitude.  You haven’t just dashed off an email, you have taken the time to sit down, compose and then mail your thanks.  And we’re sure that someone who feels appreciated will be happy to send more gifts and do more acts of kindness in the future! 

colourful personalised writing paper from Pemberly fox.

4. They can be powerful networking tools

In these highly competitive times in the job market, anything that gives you that edge over the competition is a winner in our books.  And, yes, a handwritten letter could be just the tool that helps you succeed.  That’s because it helps you to stand out from the crowd.  Imagine meeting a business contact, or having a job interview, and following it up with a written note to say thank you for that person’s time.  It will be clear that their efforts have been truly valued and you will go from just another face in a crowd to someone who stands out.  It’s such a simple thing to do and if it has been written on personalised writing paper, it has the added advantage of giving that person a physical thing for them to remember you by, one which includes your address, email and telephone number, and unlike an email, which is easily forgotten or deleted, is less likely to be thrown away.

5. They are becoming a lost art

Did you know that hand writing letters is becoming a lost art.  Fewer people are sending them than ever before.  Try and think forward a couple of hundred years.  Imagine how sad it would be if there was no physical evidence of how we communicated; how we felt; what was going on in our day-to-day lives.  It would be a tragedy.  After all, who doesn’t enjoy re-reading old letters from the past – they are so illuminating as to how people lived then, and their beliefs.  What will future generations have to refer to, when they look back at this generation?  Emails and texts!  We certainly can’t imagine reading books about the greatest love texts ever sent!  Because……who wants to receive a love text! 

So, next time you have something important to say, don’t just send an email or text message, why not send a handwritten letter instead!  It will show that you really thought about the person you are writing to and that you made an effort – which will always be memorable and definitely be appreciated.  And who knows? You may just start a trend.

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