There is always so much about your wedding arrangements that you would ideally like to tell your guests and the wedding information card or book is the perfect way to impart it. Keep the text on the wedding invitation cards to the essential minimum and use your Information sheet wording as the method of conveying the rest. It could include tips about how best to travel or where best to stay, all the essential timings of course, and even who to contact if you need assistance. It provides the ideal means of giving your guests all the information they might need to get the most from your wedding and by so doing it can free you from many of their potential questions.

What is the best format for my wedding information card?

As this card is rarely if ever sent out by itself, we recommend that your information card reflects the other items which will accompany it. This will invariably be the main wedding invitation but may also include RSVP cards and possibly invitations to additional events. Since these additional invitations may differ from the other stationery it is from the main wedding invitation that the information card should take its lead. This means that it should probably share the same card shade and texture and possibly the same ink colour, our wedding sets are a good example of how these items can match, but most importantly it should provide a legible and cohesive partner for the main invitation. To ensure legibility the choice of font is key , so something clear and easy on the eye works best, with perhaps only titles and headings linking back to the font that was used on the main invitation.

Do I need a booklet or will a single card suffice?

As no two weddings are alike nor two sets of arrangements identical, we believe that the content itself should dictate the format of your information card. For some events a single card will suffice as this can be printed on both sides when necessary. For others, particularly those that are spread over a weekend or are “destination weddings” requiring guests to make arrangements for travel and accommodation, a folded card or small booklet is advisable.

What type of information should I include?

Putting yourself in the position of your guests will guide you as to what best to include and what information will prove most useful to them, which includes details about the reception. It is always helpful to paint a picture of how your wedding will unfold so an itinerary, travel instructions and recommendations as to where to stay are all useful. This is also a perfect place to impart any administrative instructions such as dress codes or suitable footwear, childcare provision or regrets if children cannot be accommodated, your gift list or charity of choice, and contact details both before and on the day in the event that assistance is required.

How do I provide you with my copy?

Once you have decided upon the content and are satisfied that you have included everything, the easiest way is to send us your Word file from which we can import the content and prepare a preliminary setting proof for your review.

How long will they take to produce?

The collation of all the information that is to be included in the document will be a time consuming task for you so we would advise you to start in good time to ensure that the production of your wedding invitation is not held up by any delays in compiling the Information card. As it is not unusual for your information card or booklet to require several proofs, in order to limit the number of author’s corrections for which we reserve the right to charge extra, we would encourage you to take as much cards as you can in creating your file. If your invitation and information card can be sent to print at the same time this will give the greatest chance of them completing together.

Will these be available to collect or send to me at the same time as the rest of my invitation suite?

Ideally yes, we would in most cases try to send the information card to print at the same time as the other items you might have ordered. So collection from our office in Chelsea is an option or alternatively we can dispatch to a London address via courier on the same day, ship to any UK location on a next day delivery service or for those of you overseas, we are able to send to all areas covered by FedEx on a 1-3 working days basis.

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