What Kind of envelope printing do you offer?

If you are looking for printed envelopes to go with your personalised writing paper and correspondence cards, then we would suggest you print the return address on the envelope flap or we can perhaps print some kind of personalisation on the face of the envelope which could be a motif or your initials. We offer a wide range print methods which we can advise you on depending on the type of thing you are looking to have printed and whether you are looking to match other items of personal stationery.

I don't want to write out my guests' addresses by hand, are you able to offer envelope address printing?

Yes we are able to do this for you. As this is variable data, ie each envelope has a different address, we would need to print the envelopes you have chosen or send us digitally. We would send you an excel spreadsheet template which shows you how best to lay out the addresses, usually 1 cell is one line of the address. In terms of font, we have wide range of choices for you to consider online and even more are possible and we would try to match the style of the content of the envelope as closely as possible. The envelopes are printed on the centre of the face and we will send you a pdf proof prior to printing all of them. Please be aware that there is a certain amount of wastage so it is always a good idea to supply more envelopes to us than you actually need printed if that makes sense.

I would like custom business envelopes with logo, is this complicated to do and what kind of logo design would work?

Generally any kind of logo works for printing purposes, as long as we are supplied the image in high resolution format. We have used hot foiling, engraved logos, letterpress printing and others to name but a few but the question is more about where you would like to place the logo (on the flap or the face of the envelope) and what kind of effect you are looking to achieve. Traditional printing methods mean that economies of scale come into play the more units you print. If you are looking for a logo to be printed in full colour then this would need to be done using a digital format or custom envelopes with the logo printed onto flat sheets and then made up by hand.

I need C5 Plain Envelopes for Wedding invitations

Not a problem, we can source these sized envelopes from you or have them custom made, depending on how important a diamond flap is and what the paper colour is going to be but we would be more than happy to discuss this over the phone with you.

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