If this is your first visit to our website we hope you will enjoy browsing the whole site where you will find not just wonderful wedding stationery but also our delightful greeting cards and our personal stationery ranges. Each wedding invitation design has been created by artists and illustrators from around the world as well as our own team here at Pemberly Fox, but whilst the designs themselves may emanate from across the globe, your wedding invitations and all of our handsome stationery, whether ready-to -write or personalised, are actually produced here in the UK from where they are regularly shipped to clients the world over.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our product which is often lovingly crafted by hand or created using time honoured methods on traditional presses yet we are able to produce a stunning array of unique, contemporary and elegant wedding invitations of which we are also suitably proud. We feel sure that you will find plenty to inspire you for your bespoke wedding stationery so please have a look through our gorgeous ranges which include individual invites but also complete sets. 


We have grouped a number of items into sets in order to help you find the various items of stationery that you might need to enhance your big day. The wedding invitation packages will always include a save the date card, an invitation card and an rsvp card but the larger wedding sets will also usually include an information book and all the items that you might need on the day itself. Most of our sets that you will see angle more towards the traditional wedding stationery but the same principal applies to your own designs.


This will always start with the ceremony itself and for that it is hugely important to provide your guests with either a full Order of Service or an Order of the Day that will guide them through the ceremony and their part in it. Once at the Reception it is usual to provide guests with a Menu for a seated meal as well as Wedding Place cards, Escort cards or a Table plan to guide them seamlessly to their tables, all of which will help ensure that you enjoy a day to remember. These items can all be found on the site, either individually or as part of a set.


Your wedding day is destined to be one of the most exciting and memorable days of your life and no doubt you will want everything to be just perfect, but whilst all the planning that precedes it may appear daunting we hope to make the process of selecting your wedding stationery a stress free and enjoyable one for you. We aim to offer you expert help and support and to create your perfect invitation card so, even if you cannot see exactly what you are looking for, do contact us to discuss your ideas as we will always endeavour to adjust an existing design or perhaps create something new that is unique to you and your vision. In addition to being able to speak with a member of the team, we have put together a concise Q&A on luxury wedding invitations which we hope you will find useful.


The team at Pemberly Fox has years of combined experience providing wedding stationery in London for some of the most discerning clients as well as many more across the UK and overseas. We look forward to working with you and to guiding you in any way that we can for your ideal wedding invitation design. In the event that you find it really hard to decide how best to proceed, we have come up with a couple of articles on things that you should consider when it comes to choosing your wedding invitations as well as a more thourough guide on luxury wedding stationery as a whole We offer a real breadth of choice with designs ranging from traditional to contemporary to suit all tastes and budgets and given that many of our stunning designs are beautifully stylish yet still affordable, we feel confident that you will find something that is just right for you.