As a way of marking your special day and saying a heartfelt thank you to all your guests, nothing beats a photo thank you card to help rekindle memories of the day for friends and family. They also allow you to provide them with a carefully chosen image they might not otherwise see.

By selecting your favourite picture (or pictures) from the numerous photos that were probably taken on the day, you can share a cherished moment and evoke that special occasion all over again. Your photo thank you card will not only provide a lovely keepsake it will also give you the opportunity to thank everyone for coming and making the day so special as well as the opportunity to thank them for any gifts that you might have received or assistance that you might have been given.

What format do your wedding photo thank you cards take?

Recognising that the picture that you would like to include on the cover of your thank you card could be in portrait format, in landscape format and indeed we do offer square thank you cards . We offer cards in each of these formats so that you can choose the image first and foremost, rather than have you choice limited by format.

Our portrait format and square format cards all have their crease on the long edge and open like a book and whilst our landscape format cards also have their crease on the long edge this means that they fold like a tent.

What sizes of thank you cards do you offer?

Both portrait and landscape cards are A6 sized when folded and are printed onto our favoured white uncoated stock which has a gentle, loosely textured surface. This looser surface results in a slightly muted reproduction of your image as the inks sinks in to surface of the card more readily, due to the widely spaced fibres. This gives many cards a romantic softness to them but if you are looking for a crisper reproduction of your image then please contact us by phone or email as we have an alternative coated stock that we offer in these instances. We also offer a range of more traditional wedding thank you cards which use a message as opposed to a photo and ready to write thank you cards.

How do I send you my favourite image?

Please make sure that the image that you are sending is at least 300dpi then use the button provided in step two of our ordering process to upload your photo.

Can I include more than one photo on the card?

All our designs are left plain inside for you to write your own thank you card messages but it is possible to include a small second image on the back of the card above our logo. Simply fill in the Additional Information box in step two of the order process to tell us roughly what size and where to position the image.

what to write in wedding thank you cards?

Expressing gratitude in wedding thank you cards is an opportunity to extend heartfelt appreciation to your loved ones who shared in your special day. Begin by addressing each recipient by name, acknowledging their presence and participation in your wedding celebration. This personal touch sets the tone for a meaningful expression of gratitude.

Next, express sincere thanks for the specific gift, gesture, or support received. Whether it's a thoughtful wedding gift, assistance with wedding planning, or simply their presence at the ceremony, let the recipient know how much their contribution meant to you. Be specific and mention the gift or action by name, demonstrating that you noticed and appreciated their thoughtfulness.

Sharing a personal anecdote or memory from your wedding day can add warmth and authenticity to your thank you cards. Reflect on a special moment you shared with the recipient during the festivities or express gratitude for their role in making your wedding day memorable. This personal connection deepens the emotional impact of your message and reinforces the bond between you and your guests.

Looking to the future, express your excitement for the journey ahead as a married couple. Share your hopes and dreams for your life together and express gratitude for the support and well wishes you've received from your loved ones. This forward-looking approach fosters a sense of optimism and unity as you embark on this new chapter together.

In closing, reaffirm your appreciation with a heartfelt thank you and a warm closing sentiment such as "With love," "Gratefully," or "Warm regards." Ending on a positive note leaves a lasting impression and reinforces the sincerity of your gratitude.

In summary, wedding thank you cards are an opportunity to express gratitude, share memories, and celebrate the love and support of your friends and family who made your wedding day truly special.

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