Every well-dressed table deserves wedding menu cards and your guests will certainly appreciate knowing what culinary delights lie in store for them when they take their places at your Wedding Breakfast.

How do wedding breakfast menus differ from any other?

This is one of the few occasions outside of restaurant dining, other than perhaps a formal dinner, where a menu is almost de rigueur. Unlike a restaurant environment where the menu mainly fulfils a function for the diner, the folded wedding menu cards are an integral part of the table setting and so must be both functional and decorative too. In their style, they will usually either reflect the style of the wedding invitations and other wedding stationery, or it will reflect the styling of the wedding venue and the particular room in which guests are seated.

Wedding Menu Ideas - What form should they take?

There are two forms that are used most commonly and they are either an individual menu card for each guest or several copies of a generic menu card placed on each table for general reference. Generic menus can be single cards placed in holders or frames which is the usual practice for wedding buffet menus or small booklets which can stand without support. Since they are consulted by all diners, they generally show the menu that will be enjoyed by the majority of guests, with alternatives only for those who have indicated that they have special dietary requirements. We suggest that four such menus should serve a circular table of ten to twelve guests.

The other option, which is gaining considerably in popularity, are individual menu cards for each diner which is often laid on each place setting sometimes created using a menu card napkin fold . This option gives the opportunity for personalisation – either a menu that has been personalised to that particular guest or has the name of the guest inscribed or printed on it, or both – but it need not necessarily be so and could just as easily be an individual copy of a generic menu. Should the card have been personalised with the name of the guest, this would obviate the need for name place cards, which would have the added advantage of reducing the number of items that might otherwise clutter the table.

How can I add the name of the guest to the menu card?

There are two ways to create personalised menu cards since names can be either added to the card by hand or they can be printed directly onto the card. If by hand, you might choose to write all the names yourself or you can ask us about our calligraphy services through which a professional calligrapher will write the names for you. This method is particularly suited to dark coloured or thicker menu cards.

Alternatively, names can be added to cards which are either partially or wholly digitally printed, as this print method allows the printing of variable data which by other methods is uneconomic. Please contact us to establish which method of personalisation is possible on your chosen menu design.

What if lots of my guests have different dietary requirements? Do I need a vegetarian wedding menu?

Traditional printing methods are best suited to producing multiple copies of the same image, whereas digital printing allows the reproduction of multiple different images, which makes it ideal if you have lots of variables. With only one or two variations it might still be possible and economic to produce different versions of a menu using any print method that requires a dedicated printing plate simply by imposing several variants on the same plate. However, once the number of variants surpasses the number that will fit on the one plate, then digital printing is probably the more sensible option. Due to its flexibility it would, for example, enable us to produce x 90 copies of the main menu and also x 10 copies of the vegetarian menu with ease. But better than that, it would enable us to produce not just x 90 copies of the main menu but multiple variants as well - x 5 vegetarian menus, x 2 Gluten free menus, x 3 Vegan menus and so forth- and, in addition to producing a menu that is tailored to the requirements of each guest, each of these menus could, if desired, also bear the name of that guest too.

How quickly can I get my menus?

For our traditional wedding menu printing, please allow around 7-10 working days from proof approval and approximately one additional working week for calligraphy personalisation. For wholly digitally printed menus please allow around 5 working days. Menus requiring multiple processes by discussion. All timings are subject to stock availability and will be discussed with you when you approve the setting proof

Can you send the completed menu cards to me?

Should you live locally then you would be most welcome to collect your menus from our Chelsea office, otherwise we can arrange for a same-day courier to deliver within Central London, an overnight carrier to deliver to UK mainland addresses and an International carrier to deliver elsewhere in the world, subject to the areas that each cover. Please allow anything from 1-3 days for an Express International delivery to regular destinations.

Finally, can you post me some wedding menu examples in order to get an idea of the of what mine will look like?

We would be more than happy to but remember that if you are looking for bespoke wedding menu printing then we may not have an exact example of what you are looking to produce but we will do our best to find something which ticks as many boxes as possible. 

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