We are delighted that you have chosen our Tilney wedding set, one of the six invitation sets that we have created to make your life a little easier by reducing the number of decisions that you need take. Tilney carries within it's collection the epitome of traditional wedding invitations and as you might expect uses an off-white card as its basis. The card we have chosen has a gently textured surface and has been used throughout the set, beginning with the traditional save the date where it takes the form of a single 400gsm card. For the main invitation we follow the classic folded format that will allow the invitation to be displayed proudly on the mantelpiece. Both items enjoy text that is raised from the surface of the card but whereas we employ a modern technique called thermography to produce this effect on the Save the Date, for the invitation we offer you a choice of traditional engraving in addition to thermography. The remainder of the items available in the Tilney set are all flat printed but what gives the whole set a unified and cohesive look is our use of an archetypal, traditional script font on all the items and we continue to limit your decisions to the important few by keeping to a limited colour palette of classic ink colours befitting such a traditional style.

Can I have a different font from the one that you are offering?

One of the features of our various wedding sets is that we use one font consistently throughout the whole set and do not offer alternatives. We do this in order to reduce the number of options that you might otherwise be faced with and thereby simplify the decision making process for you which also facilitates ordering online. If you would like a folded invitation like Tilney, but would prefer another font, then please contact us directly by phone or email so that we may discuss other font options with you offline. This also applies to other ink colours and card types too.

Can I ask you to print the invitation in burgundy but the information book in black?

Each item within a set can be ordered separately so whilst each set is designed with consistency in mind and the expectation of a common ink colour, it is very easy to select a different ink colour for any items that you decide to order.

Will my invitations arrive at the same time as my wedding reply cards?

If you are ordering more than one item from the Tilney set and are able to approve the individual proofs that we will send you at more or less the same time, we will endeavour to produce all the items for you within the same timeframe so that they can be collected or despatched together. Deliveries to the UK mainland are sent via overnight carrier whereas those to the rest of the world are sent via the main international carriers whose delivery schedules apply. 

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