How bespoke business stationery can help grow your business

One of the best, yet understated ways, to get ahead in business is to invest in tailored company stationery.  This may seem like a small thing – but it’s an important touch that may give your business a boost, in ways you might not expect.  That’s because, in these digital times – where email is the day-to-day, number one communication tool – receiving something in the post on branded letterhead, or being handed a smart business card, is crucial for making a stand out first impression.  Not only that, it’s also a great physical way to promote your products or services, strengthen your brand identity and improve communication with customers.  That’s because, as a physical thing, it makes your business more visible, so distinguishing it from the competition, which is something that should never be overlooked. 

So are there any other advantages to having good business stationery and what do you need to consider when choosing yours? 

As we’ve already touched upon, creating a personalised stationery set is a simple, yet effective way to build brand awareness and recognition. Think about it.  This is often the first interaction people may have with your company.  To be able to hold something in their hand is tangible, concrete evidence of your business; that it’s legitimate, not just some fly-by-night operation.  It will inspire confidence in your customer – actual and potential!  It also sets the tone of voice for your business.  Good personalised stationery is an extension of your brand – it is a reflection of the company.  We’re sure, like us, you have at some point been handed a flimsy, poorly designed business card and as a result, wondered about the quality of the business itself!  Therefore, it’s important to get it right, first time, because you never get another chance at a first impression.

There’s lots of ways you can incorporated it into your business.  That’s because personalised company stationery isn’t just limited to letterhead, compliment slips and business cards. Depending on the customers your business serves you might also want to consider personalised note cards – perfect for dashing off a quick memo or message - and branded envelopes.

The importance of design:

Branded office stationery can help to strengthen your brand identity – which should be reflected across every facet of your business.  No doubt you’ve spent a great deal of time and energy creating the right logo, look and feel that works for your business, so this should be reflected in your stationery design, to help ensure you present the most professional image possible.  As something physical, your stationery leaves a lasting impression; one which may sit on the recipient’s desk, on top of an in-tray, in their briefcase or wallet.  In short, it’s highly visible.  If you get the design wrong, that’s the thing they will remember about your business….not whether you are good at what you do.  Image is everything.  Something that looks and feels luxurious can set you and your business apart from the competition. And, let’s face it, anything that can help us move ahead in today’s ever increasing and competitive marketplace, is crucial. 

When it comes to personalising your office writing paper, there are a few different ways you can go about it.  Here are some of the most popular methods:

Colours and fonts:

If you want something a little more unique, why not adapt your brand colours and fonts?  You can choose a different, but complementary font, for the header, or use a funky colour that stands out from the standard white paper.

Names and initials:

Another simple way to personalise your office writing paper, or note cards, is to add your name or initials to the top of each item.  This will help you to easily identify your stationery, and it also makes it feel more special and personal.

Paper stock:

There’s really one rule of thumb.  The better the quality, the greater the sense of excellence you’ll create for your company, so choose one that suits your company style and personality.  

Personalised envelopes:

These are an oft-forgotten element, but they shouldn’t be!  Envelopes are an essential part of any business correspondence, so why not go the extra mile and personalise them.  You might want to add a company logo and contact information.  This creates instant impact.  The person receiving the letter or card knows instantly who and what your business is.  It gives an additional professional clout and, once again, helps your company stand out from the crowd. 

To sum up.  Custom printed business stationery or personalised boxed writing sets, can help to make your business more visible and distinguishable from the competition, which can lead to increased sales and greater success.  So, if you're looking for a way to take your business to the next level, consider personalising your stationery.  You won't regret it!

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