The Ultimate Guide to wedding stationery

A wedding is one of the most important events in a lot of people’s lives. A celebration of love where two people stand up in front of their friends and family and make a lifelong promise to each other. It’s hardly surprising therefore that people invest so much time and money into planning their big day. This allows them to ensure that every last detail is perfect. Generally, weddings have a carefully considered color palette or specific theme. It is often the wedding stationery that provides the first opportunity for couples to share this with their guests and provide a sense of the overall tone and feel of the upcoming event.  For this reason, many people will spend hours looking though different luxury stationery options to find the ideal solutions for their particular wedding.

In this ultimate guide to wedding stationery, we’ll talk you through all of the different stationery items you might need before, during and after the day itself. There are invitations, RSVP cards, table stationery and much more to consider, so keep reading if you’d like to know more.

Save The Dates

Many people assume that the first piece of stationery they’ll need for a wedding is the main invitation. The Invitations are actually in general item 2 on the list. It’s important to let your guests know the date as soon as possible so they can be sure to add it to their diaries. Save the date cards to ensure that their family and friends receive basic information about the upcoming wedding long before all of the other details have been finalised. We recommend that you choose a save the date cards and invitations that are sympathetic to each other in order to help introduce your theme early on.

Wedding Invitations

Once you’ve sent out your save the date cards, for a truly luxury stationery feel you might want to think about bespoke wedding invitations. We have a huge selection of wedding invitations to choose from so you’re bound to find some that fit the colour scheme or motif for your wedding. A rectangular portrait & folded invitation is most traditional of course, but you might prefer something less conventional if your wedding has more of a fun or playful vibe. Whatever style you select though, your invitations will need to have all of the important details on them, so choose your words wisely, and be careful to select font and colour combinations that are easy enough to read. Take a look at the bespoke invitations that we have on offer to find your perfect fit.

Wedding RSVP Cards

When your guests receive an invite, they’ll need a way of confirming their attendance. This is why you’ll also want to pick some wedding RSVP cards to go out with each invitation. These cards are also a great opportunity to gather important details from your guests including any dietary requirements and whether or not they will be bringing a guest. Make sure to include an option for your people to check if they cannot make it to ensure that you get a response from everyone on your list and you know where you stand. The design of your RSVP is up to you, but we recommend something that directly matches your invitations as the two items will actually be sent in the same envelope and seen as two parts of the invitation.

On The Wedding Day

Wedding Table Setting with glasses and plates

It is important to remember that you don’t just need wedding stationery in the lead up to your wedding, you’ll also need some for the big day as well! Key pieces of stationery can help punctuate the event and keep your guests informed about what’s going on and when. In the order of service for example, you can add details about the bridal party, the running order of the service and information about the reception. You might want to get some matching menus for the reception dinner, as well as table stationary for the rest of the day. Incorporate all your stationery into the overarching theme if you want to really impress your guests.

Wedding Thank You Cards

The final piece of bespoke wedding stationery you’re going to need is thank you cards. Once the big day is over, you’ll use these cards to thank guests for their attendance and for the wonderful gifts that they’ve likely purchased for you. Be sure to make a note of each gift to ensure that you fill in the cards correctly of course. It’s less important that thank you cards match the theme of your wedding than with the other stationery items, and you could even choose to add photos from the event. Thank you cards should always be personalised to show loved ones that you’ve put some time and thought into showing your appreciation.

If you’re planning a wedding, be sure to take a look through the range of bespoke wedding stationery available here at Pemberly Fox. We aim to provide beautiful and adaptable stationery solutions to help perfectly represent your wedding.  Take your time looking though our collections – we’re certain you’ll find something that you’ll love.

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