What to Include in a Wedding Invitation: 9 Important Details

In 2023, a record high of 26% of brides are choosing to plan their own weddings! This includes planning many wedding tasks from venue booking to organising catering.

An important part of wedding planning is figuring out all the paper products you need. One of the most essential items is your wedding invitations.

They provide details to your guests about the what, when and how of your nuptials. Sending wedding invitations gives your guests a first impression of your wedding theme. Many will even save them as a keepsake for many years to come!

This article is here to cover what to include in a wedding invitation. Read on to find out 9 important things not to miss, from contact details to dress code.

1. The Essentials

Depending on invitation size, you'll need to be mindful of what to include in your invitations. Here are the key pieces of information that every wedding invitation needs!

The Opening Line

It may seem obvious, but it is important to state that this is a wedding invitation. You can word this in many different ways, but the intention of the invite should be clear!

This also sets the tone for the event. Some people choose to take a formal approach, others prefer to be more casual.

Think about how you want the invitation to come across and word the opening line accordingly.

Names and Hosts

The first thing to include is the full names of the bride and groom. These should be front and centre of the invitation. Don't give your guests a guessing game about who has invited them!

Sometimes, family or friends will be hosting the wedding. If this is the case, then include their names as well.

Depending on the level of formality, you may also want to include honorifics with the names.

Event Timings

The date and time of your wedding should be clear on your invitation. When writing out the date and time, consider the format you will use.

International guests may write their times and dates in a different format than the UK.

For this reason, people usually choose to write the date out in full, including the weekday.

For example, "Sunday, 16th June 2024" rather than 16/06/24. This makes it very clear on the month and the day.

Most people will choose to use am/pm when writing the time. But others may prefer to use the 24-hour clock. Again, this will depend on personal preference.

Specify the arrival time for guests, and the wedding ceremony start time. You can also include the reception time and if there is a time to book taxis home!

Venue Information

The other essential information to include is the venue's name and address. If you are having the reception in a different place to the service, then make sure to add both locations.

Adding the postcode is essential since most of your guests will have to use GPS to find it.

There is a chance that there are many venues with the same or similar names. So you don't want people showing up to the wrong venue!

RSVP Information

Alongside your formal wedding invitation, you will need to include a wedding RSVP.

You can include a separate RSVP card with the invitation. Or you can give guests the details on how to confirm their attendance to you in another way.

2. Transport Details

Transport information is very helpful to include in your wedding invitation. This can help make everything crystal clear for your guests, as you want to avoid any confusion.

Local Directions

Aside from the venue's address, you may also want to include some directions to the location.

This is useful if your venue is out in the countryside or in an area where the GPS signal is low. Signpost landmarks or road turnings so guests can find their way, even if their GPS isn't working.

If you don't want to add a map to the invitations, then you could add a QR code or weblink to Google Maps. Or you can have this information on your wedding website.

Guest Parking

Depending on the location of your venue, parking might be difficult to find or limited. So it is very helpful for your guests to include where they can park their cars.

If the parking is far away from the venue, then this allows the guests to factor in time to walk over there. You don't want anyone to show up late because they had to park miles away.

If your venue has the option for guests to stay overnight, then check the rules about parking.

Transporting Guests

If the ceremony and reception are in different places, you may offer transport to your guests. Provide the times it will be leaving, as well as the pick-up and drop-off locations.

If you need to know how many people will be using the transport, you can include a tick box on the invite.

3. Venue Information

Another thing that guests often ask for is more detailed information about the venue. This can help them to plan their trip, and make any necessary arrangements in advance.

Here are some key things to mention in your wedding invitations.


If you have any guests who have access needs, then make their options clear on the invites.

Include disabled parking, and what provisions are available for wheelchair access. Mention elevators or other accessibility features like ramps or disabled bathrooms.

This is also a good opportunity to ask guests if they need anything arranged for them. This way you have time to organise this with the venue and make sure everyone gets taken care of.

Accommodation and Facilities

Highlighting accommodation is important if you have guests coming from far away. If your venue has accommodation available, let guests know, or provide alternative suggestions.

You can also point out any other facilities available at the venue. Talk about any gardens, relaxation spaces, and great photo locations!

You may also want to mention here about any weather contingency plans. The UK is notorious for unpredictable weather, so let people know what will happen in case it rains.

Payment Options

Some venues will only take cash at the bar. If this is the case for your venue, make sure to notify guests ahead of time. That way they can make arrangements to get out as much as they need beforehand.

If you are going to have an open bar, then let the guests know about that as well!

4. Event Dress Code

If you have a dress code or theme for your wedding, then include this on your wedding invitation cards. If you are having a formal event, be clear about what that means. State if it is a black tie event, or specify what formal dress you would like your guests to wear.

Having a wedding colour theme is common, so state that on the wedding invitation. That way people can plan what they will wear.

Remind people to bring weather-appropriate clothing! You don't want people to get caught out by unexpected rain.

Be clear if there will be different outfits needed for the daytime and evening events.

5. Wish Lists of Money Gifts

Every couple has their own ideas when it comes to gifts from guests. You may decide to have a gift registry, or you might decide to ask for money instead. Whatever you decide, include it with your wedding invitation.

Some couples might feel uncomfortable asking for money as a gift. Writing a wish poem is a creative way to ask for money, whilst also giving your guests an idea of how you will spend it.

You can either write one yourself or use an online template and adapt it. It will look beautiful on your wedding invitations, so a lovely keepsake for your guests.

6. Other Guest Considerations

Often the topic of extra guests can be difficult to discuss with the people you are inviting. The answer is to set clear boundaries when sending wedding invitations.

This avoids any conflicts or confusion about who they can bring with them.

If you are offering your guest a plus one for your wedding, then make this clear in the invitation. You can ask them to confirm if they will be bringing someone when they respond to their wedding RSVP.

Many people choose to not invite children to their special day.

It can be a tough decision to make, but clear boundaries are important. Including it in your invitations gives parents enough time to organise childcare.

7. Menu and Drinks

Organising food and drink for your wedding can be a huge undertaking. Often the caterers will need people's choices months in advance.

Including the menu with your invitation is a good chance to get people to choose their meal. Add tick boxes next to the items, and then guests can return them to you alongside their RSVP.

This is also the perfect opportunity for people to let you know of any dietary requirements.

8. Wedding Activities and Traditions

Weddings are a wonderful time for celebration in many cultures and religions. If you or your partner are incorporating traditions from your culture or religion, let your guests know.

This allows them to learn more about them before the wedding, which means they can fully take part.

Playing games and creating new traditions is also a great way to make your day memorable. Tell your guests what to expect, so they can prepare and dress for the occasion!

9. Contact Information

The final thing you can include in your wedding invitations is contact information. You can get as detailed as necessary with this, so here are a few different points of contact to consider.

Personal Contact

Even if you think that your guests already have your personal contact information, it's a good idea to add it. They may not have the most up-to-date details, so it's better safe than sorry.

Include your phone number, including your country code for international guests. Add an email address and your postal address to make sure you have covered all bases.

Social Media

Creating a special social media account for your wedding is a great idea. This way it is easy to see and share all the photos that your guests take.

Plus, having a hashtag for your wedding is an easy way to collect all your guest's photos.

This is also good for pre-wedding events, like bachelorette or engagement parties. Then everything is in one place for all to enjoy.

Print this hashtag at the bottom of your wedding invitations to get people into the spirit!

Wedding Website

Wedding websites are an excellent way to share further details about your big day. Having a QR code that links to your site is helpful for your guests to find everything they need.

Understand What to Include in a Wedding Invitation

Writing a wedding invitation can seem like an overwhelming task for a busy bride. We hope that this article has given you some great ideas on what to include in a wedding invitation.

Your invitations can be as detailed as you'd like, but make sure to include the essentials. Then you can add a selection or all the suggestions above to give your guests the best information.

Here at Pemberly Fox, we understand how special your wedding invitations need to be. We offer a wide range of high-quality wedding stationery and printing styles.

Do you need guidance designing or wording your invites? If so, then let one of our skilled team help you draft the perfect invitations. Get in touch with us to find out more today, or to schedule an online appointment.

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