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The Importance Of Personalised Stationery In The Digital World 

A fountain pen and written letter

In today’s continually-evolving world of social media and hyper connectivity, messages delivered on traditional personalised stationery can make a powerful statement. They symbolise a return to the personal and provide us with the opportunity to highlight the most important people or events in our lives with something a little out of the ordinary. In many ways, the ubiquity of digital communication technology doesn't diminish more traditional methods of correspondence, it gives them greater significance. In the modern climate, they are rarer, and therefore far more precious.

Let’s take a look at exactly what makes stationery important and distinctive in the digital world…


The digital revolution has actually given traditional personalised stationery greater charm and antiquity than ever before. For many people, it can be a reminder of a simpler time; a time without the digital smog that often surrounds us. We don't deny that modern technology continues to make many areas of our lives better and easier. However, in an ever-changing digital landscape, it’s also extremely comforting to think that some things don’t need to be updated or enhanced, and that their appeal remains unchanged. For this reason, personalised stationery is both nostalgic and yet timeless, thus it adds a touch of class to any event or important communication.


As digital technologies continue to progress, we are storing more and more information in the digital ether, as well as creating entirely virtual experiences for consumers. And yet, no matter how advanced we become, as human beings, we will always like to have tactile relationships with the things around us; to hold an object in our hands, note its weight, and to feel a pleasing texture or thickness with our fingertips. Physical stationery therefore adds a whole other dimension to written communication that cannot be matched in the digital realm.  For example, digital messages cannot offer anything that directly compares with the feel of quality textured stock or engraved lettering on a set of personalised correspondence cards.

The invention of the printing press and later developments such as photo copiers and affordable home printers turned paper from a luxury item into a basic commodity, and even in the digital world, this provides us with an everyday reference point that allows us to understand and appreciating a truly high quality paper or card when we hold it between our fingers.


An envelope with a personalised monogram under a fern leaf with two rings

While the technology that we use to send digital messages can be expensive, the message themselves, while quick and convenient, are utterly disposable with no tangible value beyond the words themselves. We perceive communication on printed media as inherently more valuable, not least because we know that there is a cost involved in producing and sending it. Even with junk mail, we unconsciously take more time reviewing a physical letter before screwing it up than we do with an email before pressing delete. Physical media simply inspires greater care of ownership.

This is of course much truer with a beautifully presented personal message or high quality invitation. We will often keep a wedding invite on the fridge or a notice board. We will even store them along with other types of memorabilia as a physical memento of a key event in our lives.


All the factors above combine to make messages sent on personalised stationery more meaningful to the person who receives them. The endless stream of disposable communications with which we are all inundated only gives us a greater appreciation of the time, effort and money that goes into both producing and sending a hand-written letter on personalised writing paper for example.

With any form of traditional personalised stationery, the delivery method itself can actually add to the message and enhance its meaning in a way that could never be true in the digital sphere.

While emojis, animated gifs, and even sound effects can be used to enhance a digital message, they do not give the communication any greater substance, nor can the type or level of personalisation they appear to offer compare in any way with a set of stationery design specifically for your personal use.

So, if you want to make the best impression when it comes to personal correspondence, invitations or other important communications, take a look through the wide range of beautiful personalised stationery products available here at Pemeberly Fox.

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