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Growing up in the Bavarian countryside, Nora Percy spent large parts of her childhood exploring the art museums of Munich, learning the principles of proportion and perspective. Fabrics and wallpapers always fascinated her and artists such as Matisse fed her early passion for pattern and floral interiors, still evident in her work today. Painting, sculpting and sketching throughout school, Nora always saw her future in the arts. Four years of studying Art History, without so much as touching a pencil or paintbrush, led to her insatiable hunger and thirst for knowledge; a growing urge to discover things of beauty, as well as a desire to create beautiful designs herself.

In 2013 Nora started a bespoke design business in Germany. She quickly moved on from her first commission, designing her brother’s business cards, to bigger projects for friends and family. The positive feedback and growing success of her illustrative work led to a close working relationship with printing houses in both Germany and London. This gave her a hands-on learning experience of print techniques and traditions. However, this wasn’t enough for Nora. She yearned to create stationery featuring beautiful motifs and more current illustrations, printed on good quality card, that didn’t cost the earth. She founded bespoke design and sassy stationery brand Tusche London in September 2015. In the same year she also became part owner of stylish London based stationery brand, Pemberly Fox. This was a natural step and good fit for her business plan. Not only is Nora able to showcase her designs to a wider audience, but as creative curator for Pemberly Fox, she also enjoys the freedom to sniff out hot new design talent for its community of artists and designers. This community is a place where they too can showcase their beautiful work, through the medium of luxury stationery.

Nora has recently moved to Cape Town from London with her furry BFF Dotti, a one-year-old Terrier mix and her husband to be Max.

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