Drunk at Vogue Greeting Cards
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Drunk at Vogue Greeting Cards

£19.95 Product Code: GC-205

If only! Cries Laura Gillingham, calligrapher and artist who has chosen this quote by the infamous character Carrie from the TV show Sex and the City. The show garnered a cult following amongst many young women in the 90’s and the noughties and this calligraphy quote has gone on to become iconic.

Laura has chosen to combine black with pink for this quote because it is a combination that when used on the cover of the actual magazine Vogue helps it to really stand out on the newsstand and rather than being girly and soft seems on the contrary to evoke strength and power.

  • The Drunk at Vogue - Sex and the City - Greeting Card box contains 6 cards of the Quotes shown.

  • 6 white envelopes lined with Mint Green Tissue.

  • Each card measures 105 x 148mm when folded.

  • Printed onto luxury textured 350gsm card.

  • Blank on the inside.

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