Having been directed to the correct table by either a wedding seating plan or a wedding escort card, your guests will be assisted in finding the specific seat they have been allocated by the name place cards positioned at their individual place setting. These cards sometimes referred to as placement cards, are traditionally a folded piece of card on which the name of your guest is either written or printed.

In a sense, place cards also perform a double function for as well as indicating where each guest should sit, they also provide the means for a guest to identify a fellow guest. To this end, it can be extremely helpful if your place cards are double sided, as by repeating the name on that side of the card which faces fellow guests seated across the table, a welcome introduction or reminder is provided to them, which can be particularly helpful in a noisy venue.

What form do the wedding table name cards take?

Table place cards are usually wider than they are tall, so as to provide adequate space for the name or names to be written clearly, although a square format card can be used if preferred, and would almost certainly be so where other pieces of wedding stationery have also been square. Place setting cards, more often than not, take the form of folded place cards and that fold will usually be on the long edge so that it forms a ridge like a tent, which is why we call this type of fold tent place cards. Equally, wedding table place cards can also be folded on the short edge so that they stand like a book, in which case we call this type of fold ‘side fold’. All our cards are tent folded unless otherwise specified.

One reason for using a folded card is that it is self-supporting and can stand on its own, but should you prefer to use a single card this can be displayed in several ways. It can be laid flat on the place setting, placed in the prongs of the desert fork or used in conjunction with a dedicated, decorative holder. Although such holders can be purchased, you might prefer to be more creative and find an alternative ‘holder’ that ties in with your wedding theme.

Should wedding place cards always be hand written?

Whilst traditionally a wedding name place card would have been written by hand it is very common these days for them to be printed. Using digital technology which is well suited to the printing of personalised wedding place cards, it is possible these days to print what would not have been economically viable until quite recently. Should you prefer your plain place cards to be written by hand, then we can arrange for the services of a professional calligrapher to undertake this for you or provide you with blank place cards or partially printed cards so that you can write in the names yourself.

How Much time should I allow for when commissioning the Table Name Cards?

This very much depends on the complexity of the cards you would like to have printed or even hand-written. We would highly recommend that you receive your folded cards at least 5 working days in advance of the wedding day itself for reasons of ticking boxes as well as allowing us to fix a problem if one has arisen. For printed place cards, we would ideally like to be able to sign these off with at least ten working days till the event, generally most cards that are printed, use a fairly simple design or even just plain text so these can be produced for you within 3-4 working days of signing off on the proofs. For cards which might be hand-written then we would suggest that you allow for 5 working days, and probably a little more if there is a design which needs to be printed beforehand.

We are are not sure whether to have names or numbers for tables at our wedding, is this something you can provide?

Yes indeed, we have a wide range of off the shelf or printed options so please visit our collection of wedding table number cards

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