The Ultimate Guide to Unique Wedding Invite Ideas in 2022

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Did you know that 40% of couples say wedding planning is an extremely demanding activity? It's true there is much to do when planning for your big day, but it doesn't all have to be stressful.  Take time to enjoy every detail of planning your wedding, for instance, designing the perfect wedding invitation that’s unique to you.  There are many unique wedding invites ideas that make your invitation memorable.  Keep reading this ultimate guide to learn more.

Wedding Invitations vs. Save-the-Dates

Whilst this article focuses on wedding invitations, these tips and trends can be applied for save-the-dates too. Saying that, there is a fundamental difference between these card formats.

Some couples choose to forgo save-the-date wedding cards ,  sending out wedding invitations only. We think it's best to do both, but the choice is entirely yours.

Save-the-date cards are sent very early in the wedding planning process.  Put simply, their role is to ask guests to block out your wedding date in their calendars.  This allows you time to finalise the formal details, without worrying about attendance.

Whilst save-the-dates provide minimal information, wedding invitations detail key information guests must know about the big day.

What's Included in Each?

A save-the-date includes the following information:

  • Names of the couple
  • Wedding date
  • Wedding location

Even if venue details are not yet set, include a city location, especially if planning a wedding abroad. We recommend sending save-the-dates between 6 to 12 months prior.

Before discussing your wedding invitation design with your stationery company, you must know all the details of the big day.  

This is because formal wedding invitations include the following information:

  • Bride and groom names
  • Date
  • Time
  • Wedding venue address
  • Reception information
  • RSVP

The date, full address, and time must always be included on the main invitation.  It’s why these details should be finalised before printing and sending wedding invites.

Lastly, add an RSVP request on your wedding invitations. This is the main difference between a save-the-date and a formal invite.

Wedding Information Card

If design aesthetic is your focus and you don’t want too many details cluttering your wedding invite, why not add a separate wedding information card?

This insert includes additional details such as itinerary, maps, local places to stay, transport options etc.

This can also include a wedding itinerary, which is important for wedding events held at more than one location. For example, the church and reception venue information.  

Including your wedding registry information on the wedding invitation is tacky.  These details should be added to the wedding information card, or on your wedding website, if you have one.

Now, let's get into the fun stuff! Here are some favourite unique wedding invite ideas:


Including visuals on a wedding invite is an increasingly popular option. After all, what's more unique than a picture of the bride and groom?

Adding a photo of you both on your wedding invites is an opportunity to show potential guests who you are as a couple. It’s why a wedding invitation featuring an engagement photo is very in-vogue.

When meeting your wedding invitation stationers, do bring your chosen snapshot with you, preferably a professionally shot photograph!  We recommend scheduling an engagement shoot, before picking your favourite picture!

Another suggestion for a highly visual wedding invite is working with a favourite artist.  Choose one who creates totally unique illustrated portraits. They’ll definitely need a good reference photo to do this well!

Vintage Influences

Wedding invites with vintage influences are beautiful and work perfectly for vintage themed weddings.

There has been an explosion of vintage weddings over the past two years.  Just look at the latest fashion trends for brides - vintage wedding dresses are everywhere! 

The vintage theme typically includes light neutral colours, such as soft pinks, dusty blues, and champagnes. Pale hues are a nod to the Regency era, similar to what you see on Netflix series, Bridgerton.

If you are planning a romantic spring wedding, the Regency era of Jane Austen is the perfect wedding style to copy.

QR Codes

Did you know that QR codes are an increasingly popular design addition to wedding invites?  They look stylish and seamless when the design is done right. These eye-catching codes also provide a method of quick and easy contact with guests.

For the QR code formula to work, a wedding website is a must. This is something many couples have even if they don't plan to add a QR code on their wedding invitation.

A unique QR code is aesthetically pleasing within a wedding invitation design, unlike a URL!   In addition to allowing guests convenient access to your wedding website or registry, a QR code can also be used to collect RSVPs.

There are websites where you can create your own QR code. From there, work with your wedding stationery supplier to incorporate it into your wedding invitation design.


Minimalist wedding card designs are elegant and classy.  That’s because important information can be communicated clearly and succinctly.  It’s a wedding invitation trend that continues to grow in 2022, with no sign of slowing down.

A minimalist style is usually clean and contemporary, featuring simple fonts and neutral colour schemes. 

Whilst the typical minimalist design includes a lot of white space and black text, the colour scheme can always be tailored to match your personal wedding theme.

Custom Maps

If your wedding is to be held at a special location, why not tell the story on your wedding invites.  More and more couples request custom maps so they can do just this.

When we talk about maps, we don’t refer to detailed drawings of oceans and islands.  Creating custom maps is about designing unique illustrations showing elements personal to your wedding.  These unique details, such as need-to-know locations and cute elements dear to the couple, are featured in a one-off illustration, in the planned wedding colours.

Custom maps are particularly popular for those getting married abroad, or hosting guests from far afield.

A good wedding stationery company offers custom map illustrations based on the area you're getting married.  One which highlights the ceremony and reception venues.

Other meaningful locations or landmarks can also be included on the map. For example, an engagement location.

Venue Illustration

If there are no special areas to be included on your wedding invitation, why not consider an illustration of the venue.  It’s highly visual and yet totally unique to you.

The first step is to work with an artist whose work you like; one who will draw a unique custom portrait of your wedding venue.

Watercolour paintings are always popular, but the medium used depends on your chosen artist’s style.  There are many illustration options and mediums to pick from.

If you have a creative flair yourself, an artist isn’t necessary!  You can draw your own wedding invitation illustration, for an even more personal touch.

Eye-Catching Envelopes

Wedding invitation design is important, but don’t forget another crucial detail: envelopes!

Some couples want more than a traditional white envelope.  They seek one as eye-catching as the wedding invitation inside.   

A statement colour envelope stands out in a pile of mail. There’s no chance of guests accidentally throwing your wedding invite away in error, because it looked unimportant!

We suggest matching the envelope colour with one that appears on your wedding invitation. Just remember to pick a hue that complements the wedding stationery!


Artsy couples love wedding card designs that match their creative vision.  For this reason, Art deco styles are now as popular as the vintage style wedding invitations.

Geometric patterns always look good and provide a strong design statement. So why not explore patterns and styles that speak to you; ones that fire your creative juices. 

Once you have some in mind, talk to your wedding stationery provider.  Discuss which of your chosen patterns looks best on your wedding invitations.

Message in a Bottle

A large wedding budget, means indulging all your creative fantasies and this includes your wedding invitations.

One bold idea is the message in a bottle wedding invite.  It’s certainly unique and fun for beach-themed or far-flung destination weddings.

Just make sure to source enough bottles and that each one is well-protected for the shipping / mailing process! 


Some want their wedding invitation to hold a purpose other than explaining the details of their big day.  It’s why coaster invitations are a clever design idea! 

The unique circular shape makes this wedding invitation visually different and allows it to be repurposed.  Guests will remember your big day each time it’s used.

Whilst traditional paper is always popular for wedding invitations, some couples might seek more innovative materials for this design idea. 

Acrylic, for instance, can be cut to any desired shape and is long lasting, which is why it’s a great choice for a coaster wedding invitation design.


Engraved wedding invitations aren't a new trend. Engraving is a time-honoured printing method synonymous with the finest stationery.  It’s a process which is stylish and unsurpassed in its simple elegance. 

Engraving adds a three-dimensional look and tactile feel to a wedding invitation and delivers rich opaque colours to the letters raised from the card surface.   

Wedding invitations offer guests a first glimpse of what to expect on the big day.  An engraved invitation is a clear indication of a sophisticated celebration to come. 

Considering Wedding Invite Ideas

There is so much planning when it comes to organising a wedding.  Designing wedding invitations is a vital part of the process. 

A unique wedding invitation sets the tone for the big day and whets guests’ appetites for the excitement ahead.

Whether you decide to go bold or minimal, there is always a wedding invitation design that screams you!

Are you ready to start the wedding invitation design process? If so, we are happy to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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