Take Your Stationery to the Next Level with Embossed Stationery

Using personalised stationery is one of the best ways to express yourself. 

The market for stationery products is expected to top 24 billion pounds globally by 2027. Businesses continue to invest in unique stationery as a means of communication. But how do you make your stationery stand out above the crowd?

Embossed stationery provides a clean, crisp, and elegant look. In this article, we'll share some tips and tricks to help you create a perfectly embossed look.

What Is Embossed Stationery?

First, let's talk about embossing

Embossing uses two dies. It is typically done using a copper plate. One die pushes the page out to leave a raised design or effect. 

The technique can be carved, moulded, or stamped. No ink is used during the process, which provides a three-dimensional look when completed. 

Embossed stationery is made with a mix of graphics, type, rich colours and metallic shades. It provides an elegant and timeless look. 

Custom Embossed Stationery

One way to add a personal touch to your stationery is through custom embossed stationery. It is also a great way to promote your branding. 

You can use custom embossed stationery to create a personal monogram on your letterhead. 

Or use it to add something special to your announcements about life milestones, like births or engagements. Your loved ones will be more inclined to hold onto embossed stationery as a keepsake.

Custom embossing may cost a bit more, but the value makes it worthwhile. Let your stationery shine and represent your personality. You will be on the mind of whoever you share it with.

Embossed Stationery Sets

If you're not sure how to use embossed stationery, consider purchasing a unique embossed stationery set. Sets come with a mix of stationery for different purposes.

Using an embossed stationery set allows you to send stationery with a consistent look. It's a great option if you're looking to use personalised branding as well.

Order a luxurious August Sandgren Leather Box, which comes with cards, letterhead, and envelopes. The sets come enclosed in a beautiful leather box in shades of cognac, cactus, saffron and terracotta.

When you purchase a set, you can customise all of your stationery by selecting a unique paper stock, font type, and font colour. You can even personalise the leather box. 

Sets offer great value if you're looking for a stationery set that provides options. But it's also a luxurious gift to give as a graduation present or wedding gift.

Embossed Stationery Note Cards

Embossing looks amazing on note card stationery as well. Note cards and correspondence cards are unique ways of sending smaller notes or messages. They are great options for thank-you cards. They also work well for personalised memos. 

With embossed stationery note cards, you can provide all the details of contact information which will typically be displayed at the top. There is an option to pick the paper stock and choose between 12 colours of ink.

Make the note card appear slightly more elegant by adding a coloured edge or border on the perimeter of the card. This looks best if the border is done in the same ink colour or a complementary one.

Letterhead with Embossing

If you are the type of person who sends a lot of personal letters, it might be time to invest in letterhead embossing. Writing paper with embossing provides an official and regal look to any letter you send. 

For the design, include four lines for an address in the centre of the page. Make sure you check the proof to ensure there are no errors in the address you have included. You should also make sure the address you are having embossed will be valid for a while to avoid wasting valuable stationery.

Be mindful of the font that you select. It should match your personal style or brand. It should also be easy to decipher and read. You should also be mindful of the paper stock you pick, as it should be a colour that your typical ink is legible on.

Make sure you save the design so you can easily access it again in the future should you need to place additional orders.

Embossed Wedding Invitations

Embossing is also a great way to make your event invitations appear more formal. A lot of couples invest in embossed wedding invites.

Couples have the ability to choose from a wide range of designs and colours. You can also include a save-the-date card and RSVP card. 

After selecting a design, couples will find a space to upload the text required for their invites.

It's important to receive a proof of your invitations before they go to print. This is an opportunity to check all of the details for typos or errors, so the embossing comes back perfect.

Sending out embossed wedding invites is a great way to impress your family and friends. Many family members hold on to embossed wedding invitations as a keepsake. You should also order an extra copy for yourself as a memento of your special day.

Embossed Business Cards

Everyone knows a business card is an important part of networking. It's important to purchase a card that is professional, unique and easy to keep on you at all times.

Add your logo to an embossed business card and choose a unique paper stock to match your design. Regardless of whether your business card has a minimalist design or a busy one, embossing is sure to get you noticed.

When you purchase a set of embossed business cards, you can select different paper stock. You also have the opportunity to write down your name and contact details as you would like them to appear. Remember to think of how the details will look with the design you selected.

Once you have submitted your design, you will receive a design proof in the form of a PDF, within one business day. The design can often be stored when you order, so you can access the same design for additional orders in the future.

Embossed business cards should represent you and your brand. If the design you chose does not align with that, consider finding another one. Embossed business cards are a great way to leave a lasting impression if you're busy networking.

Embossed Stationery Cards

Folded greeting cards have long been referred to as "informals". Ironically, these traditional cards are more formal than other forms of stationery, like note cards or letterhead. 

These cards are perfect for special occasions, for example, sending a formal thank you card. It is also a great way to congratulate a colleague on a major accomplishment.

While it is handy to have folded cards on hand, you are less likely to use them as frequently as other stationery. These are often included in the embossed stationery sets, along with corresponding envelopes.

It is nice to have the design left blank on the inside of a folded greeting card, as it will leave lots of space to free-hand your personalised note. 

Embossed Graphics Stationery

If you really want to make your stationery memorable, consider purchasing embossed graphics stationery. Embossed graphics are an interesting way to make your stationery design pop. It's also a great way to express your own personality in the paper products you use.

Purchasing an embossed portrait visiting card allows you to include a motif or logo at the top of your design. It is a wonderful and creative way to use embossing to promote your brand.

For this purchase, it's best to speak with the stationery supplier first to make sure the image file and specifications work with the design template. This will help you maximise the impact of the logo or image you use, so it can overpower the visiting card. 

You can also include a logo in the top left corner of a business card or on your letterhead to make it feel more personalised.

Embossing Elevates Your Stationery

Everyone appreciates an elegant and personalised piece of stationery. But with so much mail being sent each day, sometimes it can be tough to make your communications stand out.

Embossing is a creative way to make your stationery products more memorable. By following the tips and tricks shared in this guide, you will feel confident that your embossed stationery is impactful and effective.

If you are interested in luxurious stationery, our team at Pemberly Fox will help you find exactly what you're looking for. Contact us today to share your inquiry and let's get started! 

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