Creative Ideas for Unique and Personalized Save the Date Birthday Cards

Maybe you're turning 30 this year? Perhaps it's your sweet 16? You might just be looking to have a little more fun than usual. In any case, you're planning a big birthday bash.

To make the event as intriguing as possible, you'll want to send out save the dates. However, you don't want them to be just any save the dates. You want them to encapsulate you and your party specifically.

That's why you're reading this: you need help coming up with ideas for personalised save the date birthday cards. Fortunately, you've come to the right article. Without further ado, here is a collection of save the date birthday ideas.

Add Plants

One of the more popular ways to design save a date cards is to adorn them with plants. These run the gamut from leaves to flowers to shrubbery to trees and more.

You can either make these prominent at the forefront of your card or you can use a gradient to fade them into the background. Regardless, they'll give your card a great deal of style.

It might also be a good idea to pair plants with other rustic items. For instance, you might place flowers on a wooden chair. This helps heighten the theme of the card.

Make Them Postcards

When you send a conventional save the date, you send it in an envelope. Of course, this costs extra money. Plus, it's just one more thing to have to write on.

This is why you should consider making your save the date into a postcard. This way, you can send it in the mail sans-envelope.

This is really as simple as including a space for an address. The rest of the card can be designed in any way you please.

Turn Yourself Into a Cartoon

Another option is to turn yourself into a cartoon. Take a picture of yourself and run it through a programme that transforms human images into cartoon images.

You could then decorate the card in a way that also aligns with the cartoon theme. For instance, you might overlay a cartoon picture of yourself in front of the city from 'Hey Arnold'. You get the picture.

This brings a bit of fun to the event and gives recipients an idea of the tone of the party overall. It makes it feel less serious and, therefore, makes it feel more fun instead.

Use a Grid

Generally speaking, save the dates have an "open floor plan." This is to say that their various elements aren't blocked off from one another. They're all contained within the same room, so to speak.

That said, you don't have to stay with this style. You can enhance your save the date by using a grid instead. A grid essentially involves putting a border around each design element, and then connecting those borders so that the card maintains a sense of symmetry.

You can experiment with border colours and widths. Just know that the grid style is an option.

Go Vintage

Not into modern styles or aesthetics? If so, you should strongly consider going vintage. There are all sorts of vintage styles that you can incorporate into your save the date template.

You could go with a 70s-style aesthetic, a 50s-style aesthetic, a 20s-style aesthetic, and so on. The options are endless.

For inspiration, Google save the dates from different eras. You'll be given countless examples. Use them to inform your own design, and you're sure to come up with a card that's unique to you.

Utilize a Movie Quote

Maybe there's a specific movie quote that you're fond of? If so, you could incorporate it into your save the date cards.

From iconic quotes to comedic phrases and much more, there is sure to be a movie quote of some kind that fits the theme of your birthday party. You could use it either as it is or you could alter it slightly to fit your occasion.

For instance, instead of just using the phrase "there's no place like home", you could use the phrase "there's no place like home . . . except for my birthday party". That's a fairly rough example, but you get the idea.

Watch your favourite movies, consider the theme of your party, and get creative with it. It could go on to be a big hit amongst party guests.

Contrast Black & White With a Vibrant Colour

You should also experiment with colours. Don't just stay with the tried and true. Mix and match colours until you've got something true to you.

One thing to try is to contrast black & white with a vibrant colour or two. For instance, you could use black and white for the background portion of your save the date, and then use a bright colour like yellow for the header text.

This contrast brings an interesting element to a save the date, one that instantly draws in the human eye. Not interested in that idea? You could do the opposite as well, using black/white for the forefront and a bright colour for the background.

Fold It

Another thing you could do to make your save the date interesting is fold it. Folding it in a unique way will bring it a whole new element, and thus bring a new pzazz to your party.

For instance, you could fold your save the dates from each corner so that the 4 points of the card meet in the middle. Or, you could fold one corner over to its opposite corner. You might even consider folding it several times in one area to give it a "popped out" look.

There's a great deal of variation to play around with. Just consider that a folded save the date might come across as more exciting than a standard save the date.

Cut Patterns Into Your Cards

Folding is one option. Another option is to cut patterns into your cards. Intricate patterns can bring a great deal of punch to a save the date, making them highly appealing to those who receive them.

Now, what do we mean by patterns? For instance, you could cut a circle of triangles into the card. Or, you could cut stars into the card.

The best way to do this is to use a hole-puncher tool. There are all sorts of tools available out there. You can find them online and in crafts stores.

Use Stickers

Want to add further style to your save the dates? If so, you should consider using stickers. Stickers bring a different vibe that you can't get with a standard printed card.

There are all sorts of ways to use stickers on save the dates. You could stickers to close up folded corners. You could manically add stickers to the card's main area. You could also use them to highlight certain parts of your card.

There are all kinds of stickers available, from decorative stickers to labelled stickers and more. See what you can find and incorporate them into your designs.

Attach Tags

Instead of using stickers, you could instead attach tags. This brings a new design element to a save the date. Plus, it gives you more space to convey important information.

For instance, you might use a tag to label the recipient's name. Or you might use it to play within your party's theme in some way.

There are many options here. The key is to get creative and incorporate tags in a way that suits your style.

Write It on Stationary

Our last idea is to write the save the date down on stationary. In other words, write it by hand so as to make it as personalised as possible.

This allows for a great deal of personalization. On the other hand, however, it prevents you from using high-quality graphics.

There are all sorts of stationary available out there. Not only are there a number of colour options but a variety of border and background element options as well.

What do you think? Interested in customising your own save the dates on stationary? If so, we're the ones to see.

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