7 Ideas for Personalising Party Invitations

The Importance of thinking about your Party Invitations

People want to feel seen and heard, with data showing that 90% of them feel that personalization is desirable when it comes to the products and experiences they enjoy. Personalization is highly effective when it comes to invitations, too. Discerning people holding special events such as weddings, milestone parties, and business events ensure that everything is in line with their theme, purpose, and vision—including their invitations. If you have an upcoming event, and you wish to add a personal touch to your invitations, the following 7 ideas may provide the inspiration you are seeking.

Opt for Printed Invitations

In this day in which digitization, AI, and a veritable smorgasbord of optional fonts exist, there has been a corresponding boom in the demand for printed material such as magazines, brochures, and invitations. Around 96% of Americans own a cellphone, and they are barraged daily with messages and images, leading them to lose trust in this overload of information. One study shows, for instance, that digital tech users are suffering from digital fatigue and that 75% of them feel special when receiving personal mail. Therefore, for a special personal or business event, nothing adds a touch of nostalgia, luxury, and refinement more than a printed invitation.

Inspire Your Invitations on Your Theme

When you’re organising an important event, the first steps (like choosing your location and theme) should come before you choose your invitations. This is because the elements you choose to add a spark to your event—from your music to the activities involved, and even your musical playlist—can all inspire the content and style of your invitation. For instance, if you decide to embrace nostalgia and create an 80s playlist and themed food, then ensure that your invitation boasts colours, styles, and/or images from that era.

Choose a Font that Represents Your Theme 

If you opt for printed invitations, you can add a touch of personalization by embracing fonts that express the essence of your event or party to perfection. If you’re after a grandiose, fancy effect, then a font such as Candlescript will fit the bill. On the other hand, if you're after more contemporary effects, look into fonts like Hello Beautiful or Nexa Script.

Consider Adding Touches of Calligraphy

If you’re into nostalgia and luxury, then adding touches of calligraphy to your invitation can provide the special touch you crave. You can either write the whole invitation by hand or send invitations that have a mix of computer and handwritten text. For instance, you can keep the contact details in a typed font and include one special handwritten message or quote in the middle of the invitation to make it “pop out.”

Personalise Each Invitation

People often personalise invitations to include details about themselves, but why not personalise your invitations for each guest? Include their name on the actual invitation, so they feel special. You can take it a step further by including information such as where you meet, why they can’t miss out on your event, or a song they like that you promise will be played at the event.

Include Personalised Gifts Inside

Nothing beats opening an envelope and finding a special gift inside. Slip a fine, lightweight present that will make your guests smile as soon as they open the invitation. Ideas include a pressed flower, photograph, or art such as a paper doll with cut-out outfit options. 

Seal It With an Image

A nice way to wrap up your personalised invitation strategy is to seal your envelopes with a personalised seal. You can make it traditional and opt for a family crest or business logo. However, you can also choose a seal with an image that represents your theme or something you are passionate about. You can also opt for a combination of both, creating a seal that includes your initials, embellished with images such as leaves, flowers, or indeed any chosen image that expresses the message you wish to share.

When it comes to celebrating a special occasion, personalising your invitations can make all the difference. There are many ways you can add a special touch to your event, including using special fonts and colours, giving gifts, and using a beautiful bespoke seal. Let your invitation give a sneak peek of what lies ahead so that guests immediately mark your event as a “must” on their calendars.

Written on behalf of Pemberly Fox by Jennifer Dawson

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