12 Wedding Invitation ideas

Engraved and letterpress wedding invitation ideas
Engraved and letterpressed wedding invitation ideas

Putting together wedding invitation ideas can be pretty overwhelming – particularly with the myriad of choice around these days. The invitation is your guest's first look at the style of your wedding so they’ll get an idea of what sort of occasion you’re planning – elegant and formal or casual chic. The most important thing to remember is that the ‘Big Day’ is all about you and what you, and your husband or wife to be, really want. Don’t be swayed by the conflicting views of others.

Working with a high quality, experienced Wedding Stationer will also help. Discuss the wedding invitation ideas which you already have, the style you’re thinking of, the colours you love and your budget and these should then allow for a clearer understanding of the choices which are available.

With the above in mind we thought it would be useful to share our top 12 wedding invitation ideas and stationery planning tips:

1. Define your wedding invitation style:

Take time out to peruse ideas for colours and themes on Pinterest and Instagram. There are so many beautiful designs to inspire you. Try to choose a design with which you are both happy, even if this involves some compromise. Remember, the style of your wedding invitation will say a lot to your guests about the overall feel of your wedding.

Ribbon wedding invitation and square wedding invitation 

2. Choose your colours:

Think about your wedding colours too - you may want to incorporate your colours and a motif into your bespoke wedding invitations and then carry both through to the rest of your wedding stationery (like the escort cards, menu cards and order of service) for a cohesive look.

3. Wedding Invitation ideas can be defined by the shape and style of the cards:

Historically, a wedding invitation was a very formal folded card, so that it would sit on the mantlepiece of the recipient's home and be visible to any visitors to the household as it was also a great way of showing off your well healed connections.  Toward the end of the 90's this all began to change and nowadays, invitations can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, especially with regards to destination weddings when a folder concept can become very useful as it can incorporate not just the invitation itself but also accompanying information and RSVP cards.

Just remember that bulky or extra-large invites may cost more to post, so we would recommend taking a sample to the post office to to find out exactly what you are likely to be paying for postage.

4. Font ideas for wedding invitations:

Consider colours and patterns, but make sure the background contrasts enough for the lettering to stand out and don’t overcrowd the card. Using a mixture of typefaces and fonts to differentiate between the bride & groom's names and the rest of the wording is proving to be very popular and we are also seeing a revival of hand calligraphied styles.

5. Consider timings:

Send your wedding invitations in good time, especially if your date falls at a time of year filled with competing events or holiday plans, or if your guests will be travelling from afar. In recent years, we have seen a move towards sending out Save the Date invitations in advance of invitations. The primary reason for this is to ensure that those you want most to attend your wedding have as much notice as possible but a save the date card will also take the pressure off getting the invitation itself in the post. Whilst not essential, we would advise our clients that the save the date card should in some way reflect the the invitation so that the whole wedding stationery suite is cohesive.

6. Consider your budget:

This is a very important point when it comes to wedding invitation ideas and we cater for all sorts of different budgets but it is worth pointing out the following:

  • Costs are very much associated with the types of printing processes which will be used to create your wedding stationery. The more complex the printing the higher the cost.
  • The choice of shape can also be an influencer as this will sometimes mean cutting the card to that specific shape.
  • Design: It is really important to point out that designers cost money, so if the look and feel you are seeking requires a graphic designer to work on it then there will be costs associated with this.
  • As with the design aspect, commissioning illustrators and or calligraphers can also lead to increased costs, so if you do have a friend who is a capable artist and is willing to help you, then this can be a good money saver.
  • The weight and choice of card can also be an influencer, some cards like the Colorplan range or a handmade Italian paper carry significant costs too.

7. Think about the envelopes:

For instance, do you want envelopes lined with tissue or the same motif as the invitations? Do you want to use a calligrapher to address the invitations? Again, your Wedding Stationer should be able to help here.

8. Check the Proof:

Check it again and then check it again. Whilst your wedding stationer will proof read, there is always that possibility that they will miss the obvious glaring mistake. This is more to do with the fact that they might have seen the copy quite a few times and it does happen that the eye makes you read what your brain wants you to read rather than what it actually on the proof. We highly recommend passing the proof to someone who has never read the copy as they will be far more likely to pick on errors.

9. Ensure you have enough wedding invitations and order extra

It is much better to over order by 10 or 15 invitations in the initial print run. In the event that you don't then re-printing a further batch of cards will be considerably more expensive to produce than adding on a few in the first print run. It's also worth pointing out that you will want to keep a few to look back on in years to come.


10. Decide who will receive replies and how they will be tracked or chased up.

A traditional RSVP card is often the easiest solution but more and more these days, people are leaning towards adding an email address for the RSVP and or creating a website which allows for tracking of replies.

A wedding info card and rsvp card

11. If your wedding guests need further information:

The easiest way to do this is to Start compiling your wedding information sheet and or website as soon as you can and use it to set the scene by giving your guests a glimpse at the wonderful wedding day you are planning. Information cards are a lovely addition to a wedding invitation and will carry such information as a list of local accommodation, directions, taxis, gift list details and anything else you might think appropriate.

12. Wedding invitation ideas can also be applied to the rest of your wedding stationery which you will need on the day or beyond.

Wedding Menu and Church order of service

including menu cardsorder of serviceplacement cards and escort cardstable plan and thank you cards.

Above all, try to enjoy the whole process!

Based in London's Chelsea, the team at Pemberly Fox would be delighted to assist you with wedding invitation ideas in person with any further queries or questions you might have regarding your wedding invitations and stationery.

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