Wedding Stationery Sets

To ensure a cohesive look to your wedding stationery, our curated wedding sets share a common design element
linking everything from your save the date cards and wedding invitations to your thank you cards.

Why Choose Pemberly for luxury high quality wedding stationery sets?

Our wedding stationery sets have been curated to make your life easier and to enable you to order a suite of matching items that will give your wedding stationery a cohesive look. Each wedding invitation set divides neatly into those items that you might require ‘before the day’ and those that you might require ‘on the day’. Each item can be bought in isolation, according to your own needs, so if all you need is the invitation and a wedding information card then simply choose these two items from the same set to be sure of a cohesive look. If you feel that a Save the Date card is a sensible precaution or want a matching Wedding Menu or Order of Service then again simply order all the items from the one set to ensure that they reflect the style of the rest of your wedding stationery.

Do I need to order more than one item from the wedding stationery packages?

No, we have designed our wedding invitation sets in such a way that you need only order those items that you require. Each item can be ordered individually so you could order just a menu card, but, should you at any point choose to order additional items from the same package, you can be assured that they will share common design elements that will deliver a cohesive look to your.

Can I order my Invitations initially and then my Orders of Service at a later date?

The flexible way in which the wedding invitation bundles are structured allows you to order individual items at the time that they are required. This means that you could order your personalised wedding invitations and any items that will accompany them but then let several months elapse before turning your attention to the Menu, the Wedding Order of Service or even your Thank You cards.

What if I have my own design or have seen another invitation which is not featured in your sets?

-          Initially we created 6 full wedding stationery sets, all of which are based on the more traditional styles of stationery. These sets are very much a guide to all of the items which you might like to think about for your wedding day. Should you find an invitation on our website that is not currently part of a designated set, you may use this as the starting point for your own set and introduce the elements you find there, such as fonts, colours, illustrations and card choices into any other stationery that you may need.

-          If you, or one of your friends, have designed something, or you have commissioned an artist to create some artwork for you, then we would be more than happy to try and extract elements of these designs from the invitation and try to incorporate them into any other items you might be looking to order.

How do I proceed, how long will my items take to print and can I collect them?

Start by choosing the design that you prefer and then select each item that you wish to order in turn, ensuring that you stay within the same set if you want the continuity of design that each set brings. If you would like to discuss anything then do please call us on 020 7349 7225.

Once we have received your initial order or enquiry we will work with you to create the proofs but bear in mind that a menu or invitation will take less time to proof than an order of service. Once you have approved the proofs, we would expect to have the items complete within 10 working days and our wedding stationery sets can be shipped to anywhere in the UK.

All of our client work is checked and packed in the Chelsea office prior to collection or shipping so we will be contact you to establish the most suitable means of getting your order to you.

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