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Often misunderstood as an invitation that can only be used for entertaining at home, this traditional at Home invitation can in fact be used in equal measure if you are hosting away from home.

The classic and traditional invitation card for any kind of function at home or for entertaining away from home

at Home

The origins of the at Home card or at Home invitation are to be found in the issuance of an invitation by a society hostess to her circle of friends and acquaintances to inform them that she and her husband would be ‘receiving’ guests on a specific date, in essence that she would be at Home to her social circle and would welcome callers.
What started as invitation to gather for a social soiree has in the ensuing centuries become a staple of today’s social stationery and has proven a most adaptable format being used for both semi-formal and formal gatherings ranging from drinks parties and informal suppers tom parties held in honour of individuals, perhaps to mark an engagement or wedding or a birthday.
We feel that the at Home card still has a place in the world today and continues to show both its adaptability and its suitability for a variety of different uses which has lead us to our own broad offering which ranges from traditionally engraved invitations on classic stiff white card to more striking and opulent versions engraved in gold or white onto coloured boards.

The event that I am planning is not being held in my home. Should I still be sending an at Home card?

Whilst it may once have signified that a party or gathering would be held in the home of the hostess, the use of the at Home card has evolved over time to the extent that a lady is deemed to be at Home wherever she entertains. If your event is to be held in a venue other than your own home you can still use an at Home card by simply inserting the name of the venue in the body of the card, often immediately below the words at Home, for this alternative location to be understood by your guests.

I am hosting a party with a friend. What type of invitation card should we send?

When you co-host a party the appropriate form of wording is one that incorporates either the words ‘invite you’ or ‘request the pleasure of your company’ rather than ‘at Home’ ,which is more usually reserved for a female hostess or chatelaine inviting on behalf of herself and her husband, as in these formats the names of all those who are hosting the event should be stated on the top line or lines of the invitation.

At Home Cards

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