Salty Spaniel Greeting Cards
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Salty Spaniel Greeting Cards

£19.95 Product Code: GC-194

Waiting for the tide to turn, salt spray in the air, the wind is picking up. Salty Spaniel scans the quay for signs of the sailors. Time and tide may not wait, but this faithful friend will stay. Sea breezes lifting the red and blonde wisps on this Spaniel’s ears inspired the artist’s eye of Susanna MacInnes. Using traditional waterproof ink with a dipping pen and watercolour, the portrayal of wind is evident.

  • The Salty Spaniel Greeting Card box contains 6 cards of the drawing shown.

  • 6 Stone Envelopes lined with French Vanilla Tissue.

  • Each card measures 105 x 148mm when folded.

  • Printed onto luxury textured 350gsm card.

  • Blank on the inside.

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