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Introducing Susanna MacInnes - Inspired by Animals and Landscapes

Sketch book in one hand, pen and ink in the other, Artist Susanna MacInnes takes every opportunity to capture the characters of the four legged furry friends she meets out and about. Back in her London studio, she develops these ink drawings into finished paintings using Gouache.

With more time on her hands, Susanna likes to paint from life “en plein air”. Coming from a family of sailors, she loves to paint marine-scapes from the bow of her parents’ boat.

After graduating from a fine art degree in Manchester, Susanna travelled with her paints and captured seascapes in the Caribbean, France, Cornwall, the Isle of Wight, Cape town, and New York. Aldeburgh wins hands down as her favourite location as it’s where she spent happy times as a child painting with her Grandfather Robin. Reflected light and atmosphere are her inspiration.

Coining the name “Pindroppainter” Susanna drops a pin on a map and paints on location using oils. Sharing her love of painting outdoors, Susanna takes groups of people “Pindroppainting”, to paint collaboratively on large canvases. She also runs an art club at a local primary school.

Susanna exhibits her paintings in London and Aldeburgh

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