Embellishing the Ordinary by Laura Gillingham

Embellishing the Ordinary - Laura Gillingham

Laura Gillingham has always been interested in the artistic world. Laura showed an interest in art from a very early age and following her creative dream has never been a problem. Aged just 10, she discovered a passion for handwriting and creating different styles which burns bright still to this day.

Being an avid walker, Laura often found herself discovering new routes, interesting buildings and wonderful boutiques and it was whilst living in Norwich, where she was launching her calligraphy career, that she literally stumbled upon the ‘light bulb’ idea. On one of her many walks she began to discover discarded shopping and ‘to do’ lists: “The Idea of the everyday note from a complete stranger fascinated me” she says, “I kept collecting them from that moment on and still do to this very day”. As the collection of lists grew, Laura put together a fascinating exhibition showcasing the very same lists which she had re-written in her own style, using beautiful walnut ink which helped to turn the everyday mundane into pieces of art.

Laura has found that during the development of her calligraphy abilities, she has also been able to refine her painting and drawing skills, often putting together beautiful illustrations for wedding orders of service and delicate maps for information sheets but as she herself admits: “My all-time favourite commission remains my scribed ‘Baz Luhrmann – Everybody wear sunscreen’, which I wrote out about four times until I was finally happy with the ‘look’ because I needed each poignant lyric to be represented and stand out from the crowd. I used orange ink onto a white background and progressed from there to using the same ink colour but onto a translucent paper but inevitably the final piece morphed into bright orange ink onto a Majorelle blue background.”

Following a 2 year stint working for one of London’s reputed stationery firms, Laura’s career as a fully-fledged calligrapher in her own right is in full swing. She has developed a very loyal following as well as a substantial collection of antique nibs from her favourite shop; Green & Stone on London’s King’s Road.

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