Poochie Coffee Stencils

Poochie Coffee Stencils


Poochie from Pemberly Fox

You may have noticed from our Facebook and Instagram posts that we love dogs here at Pemberly Fox. Collectively, in a team of seven people, we own five dogs: Dougal the Pug; Iggy the Border Terrier; Dotti the German hunting Terrier and Parson terrier mix; Leo the Greek hunting Dog; Flecky the Tibetan Terrier. We’re almost outnumbered.

We also love coffee so we decided to bring our two loves together in our quirky, new coffee stencils. They certainly help us to start the day with a smile just like our pack of pooches do. If you, or someone you know, is dog obsessed, or indeed you love coffee as much as we do, these cute coffee toppers are the perfect gift for yourself or a dog-owning friend.

There are seven different breeds to choose from so here we go with the doggy alliteration (you knew it was coming!): if you are passionate about Pugs, go loopy for Labradors, get soppy over Spaniels, fall over yourself for a Frenchie, or are wild for Whippets, crazy for Collies, dotty for Dachshunds and get teary eyed over Terriers – you will love these unique ‘Poochie Coffee Stencils’, which can be used to create a perfect chocolate sprinkled furry face on top of your morning, wake-me-up cappuccino.

Poochie Wedding Stencils

We worked with our fabulously talented friends at DotLaser to design these highly durable polypropylene, heat resistant stencils to ensure they are easy to clean and, of course, food safe. Not that you’ll want to, but we also made the stencils recyclable, so they are environmentally friendly too.

You can buy these as a set of 7 – one for every day of the week – for just £35 or as individual designs for only £7.70 each. Each stencil comes with a handy sleeve, which is laminated to ensure a practical wipe-clean surface, so that you can carry your favourite stencil with you to work, or your local café or coffee shop. The full set comes beautifully boxed with a concertina fold card and one of the handy sleeves.

There has never been a better way to take your favourite canine companion with you wherever you go. Just slip them into your bag and you’re away. Anyone for coffee?

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