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Chatsworth At Home Cards

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For an extremely chic invitation look no further than our Chatsworth engraved at home card which is engraved in gold ink that we then burnish to bring up its lustre. The metallic gold is shown to maximum advantage by our selection of deep shades of coloured card from the Colorplan range, which together provide a strong contrast and create a striking combination with the burnished gold ink. This is further enhanced by the weight of card that we have chosen, which, at 540gsm, has both good bulk and stiffness as well as a delightful loose texture.

Due in no small part to the bulk of the card, we are able to cut the edges of the card at an angle and then gild them to create gilt bevel edges.

The package is completed by a high quality white envelope which although already a substantial 170gsm, we provide you with the option to line the envelopes in the same shade of paper as the invitation card. 

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Print Method & Quantity

Your stationery will be printed using the process illustrated below. Please select a quantity from those offered.

Metallic Engraved

In this process, paper is pressed against an engraved inked copper plate to produce a raised text with a burnished metallic finish. The gentle “bruise” on the back is synonymous with this luxury printing process.



Start by choosing one of our exquisite luxury papers with their soft surface texture, which are available at 540gsm in the shades shown below. Then select your preferred size.

Amethyst 540gsm Bright Red 540gsm Ebony 540gsm Fuchsia Pink 540gsm Sapphire 540gsm Tabriz Blue 540gsm Purple 540gsm

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You will receive a proof within one working day, which can then be amended until you are happy with the result.

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