Table Stationery

An escort card to inform you of your table, a table plan and table number card to guide you to it,
a place card to help you find your seat and a menu that tells you what you'll eat.

fully customisable wedding stationery for the day itself

By table stationery we mean all those items of stationery that you are likely to require for any celebration that you are hosting at the conclusion of the marriage ceremony.

Sometimes referred to as the Wedding Breakfast or Wedding Reception, this gathering of your guests will often take place in either a dedicated wedding venue or a separate space from that used for the marriage ceremony and will more often than not involve a seated meal.

It is at this meal that you will use all manner of table stationery to inform guests where they are to be seated and what they are eating. 

Why do I need wedding table stationery at all?

Beautiful table stationery enhances the sense of occasion and you will probably want the style of your table stationery to reflect either your wedding invitation or the décor of the room in which the celebration is being held.

It is often the little details that live long in the memory so we feel sure that you will want to pay as much attention to your table stationery as any other element of your wedding planning.

What are the different items that I will need? 

To avoid confusion and to ensure that your guests are seated appropriately, it is very helpful if the seating arrangements can be clearly displayed on a table plan sited outside the dining area.

You can inform guests of the seat they have been allocated by presenting them with a weddding escort card giving details of their table, contained within an envelope bearing their name.

On entering the dining area all tables should be clearly marked by using either a Table number card or a Table name card which should be visible across the room.

Once at the table the individual places can be marked either by using a placement card bearing the name of your guest or a personalised menu which bears not only their name but tells them what they can expect to eat and drink. 

If you opt to use placement cards to indicate the correct seat for each of your guests then we recommend that you provide a number of freestanding menu cards for your guests to consult.

Each item of table stationery has been given its own dedicated category so please visit each in turn to find out more.

Time frames and ordering process:

Whilst it is quite commonplace for there to be last minute changes, this is a situation we would all like to minimize in an attempt to reduce undue stress in the days leading up to your wedding. Many of the items in this category can be printed digitally, especially those which involve personalization, which means that, fortunately, they can be printed quite quickly. Nonetheless, as you are more likely to get guests dropping out, rather than late additions, we recommend that you include in your personalization any guests whose attendance might be in doubt and simply not use these items in the event that these guests do not attend. This will hopefully allow you to send these items to print all the sooner and we suggest that your table stationery is printed for you at least five working days before your big day so that there is time to rectify mistakes or omissions should the need arise. 

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